i think im in love

British model and TV star Jessica-Jane Clement is in Thailand this week as part of her world tour to make flat chested girls feel bad about themselves, presumably sponsored by Allergan. And she's worth every penny because she's fantastic. Maybe even perfect. If she was on her knees as if to give me oral, even if she had blood and chunks of human flesh falling out of her mouth, I would still stick my penis in there....read more

christine hendricks knows how to dress

‘Mad Men' star Christina Hendricks was one of the presenters at the Directors Guild Awards Saturday night, and she took to the stage in a dress that hugged her unique shape. By that I mean it was cut low as hell and pushed up her huge breasts to very very very effectively distract from her big ass. So all that medical advice about exercise and proper nutrition being the key to looking good are a bunch of lies as it...read more

lindsay has sunk to a new low

(NSFW WARNING - the video above has Lindsay Lohan topless, and there might be some profanity too but Lindsay is naked at the very beginning and I kind of checked out after that. also, the video is choppy and audio cuts in and out but that's the way it's supposed to be) The good news is, if you're reading this, you're on one of few places anywhere to have the red band trailer for 'Machete'. The bad news is everything...read more

thank you kim kardashian

This year, for the first time in his NFL career, Reggie Bush is playing the kind of football that was expected of him when he came out of USC. And now his team, the New Orleans Saints, are in the Super Bowl. Also this year, Reggies girlfriend Kim Kardashain went from "very pretty" to "my erection is becoming painful", as you can see in these pictures from a photo shoot that she put on twitter. Those two things aren't...read more

lindsay lohan is taking her clothes off. again.

Lindsay Lohan is a good actress, but she's also a disruptive pain in the ass, and that's why no one has hired her to star in a movie since 2006. It makes you wonder why Robert Rodriguez hired her for his next movie. Did he see something about her that made it worth the risk? Yes. Yes he did. Not only will the 22-year-old actress go topless, but she goes skinny-dipping with her on-screen mom! Lindsay – who has about 10...read more

afternoon headlines

BRAD PITT - now that he may be single again, Jennifer Aniston wants him to know she'll take him back. But she won't beg. Unless he wants her too, and then she'll crawl across the floor on her hands and knees, groveling and pleading as if her very life depended on it. (star) JAY LENO - told Oprah that he hasn't spoken to Conan since all the Tonight Show drama began. "I haven't talked to him through all this … it didn't...read more

screw you hippie

The new and improved Heidi Montag told the Sun UK last week that even though she loves her new DDD breasts after getting bigger implants, she won't rest on her previous accomplishments. She has new goals, and those include moving up to H, because her name is ‘Heidi'. Get it? Awesome right? Well not according to the pedophile (probably) who did her DDD implants. He wants to tell women how to live and suppress their...read more

shauna sand has weird priorities

The last time we saw Shauna Sand, she was out with her little girl dressed like this, and nothing but mental toughness stood between me and the image of her naked. I'm the Jack Bauer of gossip bloggers. The time before that she was in a car with her little girl while her tits were hanging out. So this is the pattern. Yet last night she was in New York to promote her porn movie, and she dressed like she was going to...read more

heidi wants to go bigger

Tyler has had a Heidi Montag ban for 7 months now, but I'm not clairvoyant. I didn't know she was gonna do this. I didn't know she was gonna improve herself with 10 plastic surgeries and get DDD implants. DDD. Breasts. There's nothing wrong with your monitor, and yes you read that right. D. D. D. Also called F, but they should just go with 3D because that's what they are. In other words, I had no idea she was gonna...read more

mariah carey is defending her dress

Mariah Carey was one of the few women who looked even remotely attractive at Sunday nights Golden Globe awards, so she's understandably perplexed by people criticizing her dress as too provocative. "I dressed very conservatively. My dress was long and my shoulders were covered. I don't know what all the fuss is about." Mariah is right, and if I had been there I would have shared her defiance. "This is ridiculous. She...read more

jay leno says he'll quit NBC too, is a bad liar

(NOTE - I started to put up a picture of Jay leno, then I realized what i was doing and stopped. Instead, it's internet superstar Shay Maria and her spectacular rack.) People don't generally stop being jackasses overnight, so it's hard to believe that Jay Leno magically has some integrity and decency now, but at least one person claims he does, and they say Leno wants to walk away from NBC because of the way they've...read more

todays top story

These may look like pictures you saw on Friday, the ones of Ashley Greene naked except for body paint, but they're not. They're all new. I don't know who first thought up having only a thin layer of paint separating me from a sexy model and her tits, but that that person should be honored with one of those 40-story statues like the one of Jesus in Rio. It's one of the greatest ideas anyone has ever had, second only to...read more

ashley greene really understands advertising

I hope this won't seem as if I'm trying to objectify her, but as I was cropping these pictures of Ashley Green naked except for body paint in an ad for Sobe, when I went to censor images of her breasts, I accidentally made closeups of her breasts. And then I accidentally saved them. Then I accidentally uploaded them. I'm quite the butterfingers.read more

this is so hot

Today is a second Christmas for leering perverts fancy gentleman like myself because for some reason high school pictures of Jessica Biel are online. From 1999, when she was 17. The very same year she posed topless in Gear magazine. So, this and this, same girl. Same girl. What we've learned here today is that the fresh-faced innocent honor student transforms into a sexy slut behind closed doors, just like barely...read more

damn you lindsay

God only knows how she's paying for it (blowjobs) but Lindsay rang in the new year in St Barths, and even though in the very first picture she looks like we would get arrested if we were walking around downtown together, she recovers quickly by showing her better than average ass, and later on she looks aggravatingly good. And by that I mean, "tits'. (source = inf daily and fame pictures)read more