the Olsen Twins are selling a $55,000 backpack

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are selling 12 backpacks, made of crocodile skin and encrusted with prescription pills (fun fact: Mary Kate was dating Heath Ledger when he overdosed on prescription pills in 2008), as part of their clothing and accessory label named The Row, and they're selling them for $55,000. Each. Which is at least ten times what I would pay for the actual Olsen Twins. For 55 grand, one of the more

lindsay was dating heath ledger when he died

Heath Ledger has been dead for almost two years now (1.22.08) and until today no one had any idea that he was dating Lindsay Lohan when he died. Probably not even him, because the latest audio tape from Michael Lohan is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Radar says... Dina Lohan drops the bombshell that her daughter Lindsay was secretly dating Heath Ledger when he died and his death devastated her. "She was more

Heath Ledgers final role

Heath Ledger had finished about half of his scenes for "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" when he died on January 22nd of last year, but thankfully his final work was salvaged by having Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell play Ledgers character in various incarnations. Luckily this is a Terry Gilliam movie so I'm sure shit like that will seem perfectly reasonable as it happens. This is the brand new more

matilda will get the oscar

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and there are only two guarantees. 1. At around 8pm, I’ll say, "aww shit, is that boring crap tonight? God dammit." 2. Heath Ledger will win Best Supporting Actor for The Dark Knight. Up until now, no one knew who would actually keep the statue. Which is where I’m headed with this. Academy tradition calls for a posthumous statuette to go to the spouse, or, if there is no more

one year ago today

It was one year ago today that Heath Ledger was found dead in his Manhattan apartment. He was 28, and had just finished work as the Joker in "The Dark Knight". I'll never forget where I was when I heard. I had just gotten Megan Fox into reverse cowgirl and she was begging for me to finish in her mouth when the news broke. And just like that, what started as a seemingly ordinary day became one I’ll remember for the more


The LA Times and TMZ say that ReliaStar Life Insurance Co. has yet to pay on the 10 million dollar life insurance policy taken out by Heath Ledger. The New York City medical examiner ruled his death an accident, but now ReliaStar has launched an independent investigation to determine if he in fact took his own life. (RelaiStar) is being sued over failure to promptly pay that claim … the lawsuit says that ReliaStar more


The U.S. Attorney's Office has officially closed its investigation into the death of Heath Ledger. He died on January 22nd of this year after an accidental overdose of prescription drugs for pain, anxiety and sleep. Despite rumors to the contrary all week, Mary Kate Olsen (who was the first person called when Ledgers body was found, even before 911) was not forced to testify and no charges will be filed against her. more


"The Dark Knight", boosted by breathless major reviews and Heath Ledgers final kick ass performance, earned almost 160 million in the US and another 40 million overseas for a weekend that broke 9 major box office records, including the two big ones, Biggest Single Day ever (67.85 million) and Biggest Opening Weekend ever (155.340). Deadline Hollywood says:SUNDAY 8PM UPDATE: I've just been told by unofficial more


As far as I know Warner Brothers has never released the first 6 minutes of "The Dark Knight" online, even though they showed it in front of "I Am Legend" on IMAX. There was one shaky camcorder version of this on YouTube but now Iklipz has one that’s better. Even though the quality here is ungreat, the clip is awesome. The only way this could be any better is if it was projected onto Megans Fox's naked more


We’re still three weeks away from the July 18th release of "the Dark Knight", but Peter Travers of Rolling Stone has the first major review, and to no ones surprise he say it’s awesome. A few excerpts…Heads up: a thunderbolt is about to rip into the blanket of bland we call summer movies. The Dark Knight, director Christopher Nolan's absolute stunner of a follow-up to 2005's Batman Begins, is a potent more


One of the big secrets left for this summers "The Dark Knight" is what Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent will look like once he's transformed into Two-Face. And since I like to ruin everyone's fun, here's a picture of the answer. It's all over now, but Comic Book Resources seems to be ground zero for this leak, much as Paris Hiltons vagina is ground zero for 6 new STD's every year. True Story! (note to more


Federal agents have cleared two doctors from Los Angeles and Houston as the sources of the OxyContin and Vicodin found in the bloodstream of Heath Ledger when he overdosed and died on January 23rd. The New York Post says: The Drug Enforcement Agency questioned the medics and found that both of them had met with the "Brokeback Mountain" star and prescribed him other medications, but they are not the source of the more


The family of Heath Ledger has just issued this statement following the release of the coroners report. We remain humble as parents and a family, among millions of people worldwide who may have suffered the tragic loss of a child. Few can understand the hollow, wrenching, and enduring agony parents silently suffer when a child predeceases them. Today's results put an end to speculation, but our son's beautiful more


The Chief Medical Examiner for the City of New York has concluded his report on the death of Heath Ledger, and has determined the actor died after overdosing on prescription drugs. People magazine says:"Mr. Heath Ledger died as the result of acute intoxication by the combined effects of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam, and doxylamine," said an announcement released Wednesday morning by more


People magazine says now that there is a "big possibility" that the final autopsy results for Heath Ledger will be released as early as today, meaning his cause of death will finally be known. People says: The new findings will supplement those of an initial autopsy, whose inconclusive results were announced on Jan. 23, a day after the 28-year-old actor was found in his Manhattan apartment."The autopsy more