Clintons Amazing Speakers

The Clintons are some fucking public speakers. Their haul puts Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber to shame on ticket take. read more

Anthony Still Polishing the Weiner

Sydney Leathers, the pudgy political groupie chick who first exposed Congressman Anthony Weiner as an online masturbator of some noteworthy frequency, claims the New Yorker is still courting women online with his bare cock and ironic conversation. read more

Shkreli Diagnoses Hillary

Albanian-American rapper and occasional investor fraud scheme operator Martin Shkreli is good at figuring things out. He figured out how to rape The AIDS patients of their drug cash. He figured out how to taunt the Wu Tang clan toward regret and violence. He hasn't quite... read more

Donald Trump Can't Stop

Just when you think Donald Trump can't go any farther he opens his mouth again. Nothing is shocking at this point. He could punch a baby or call the president a porch monkey and you'd just shrug. read more

DNC Using Craigslist Hired Cheerers (VIDEO)

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton each received raucous almost Kim Jong Un level reactions to their speeches at the Democratic National Convention, an annoying institution carefully situated between football and basketball season when we really start slumming it for... read more

Hillary Clinton Motley Crew

People are excited about a Hillary Clinton presidency they same way they are about a car wash. Let's get this over with. Her ardent supporters are either ill informed or keenly aware that she's a corporate shill whose first order of business will be relaxing some pesky... read more

Cue Roger Clinton

Losers always have a habit of fucking up at the worst possible time. In reality they're just constantly fucking up but sometimes you notice more. Hence Bill Clinton's bastard brother got himself a DUI in LA two days before the California primary. Hillary has most... read more

Lena Dunham Leaving If Hillary Doesn't Take Over

Lena Dunham known for her fierce feminism and the constant smell of wet woodland mammal that follows her like a Pig-Pen dirt cloud is ditching the United State if Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton in November. Unlike previous celebrities who have said unlike previous... read more

Clooney Leans In

George Clooney defendedraising tens of millions of dollarsfor Hillary Clinton at weekend fundraisers for really rich people who have their nannies mule untraceable cash down to Panamanian banks.Clooney would've made a superior slick defense attorney. He has the confident... read more

Dunham Stumps for Hillary

Lena Dunham has committed to consuming nothing but partially hydrogenated oils and barn owl hatchlings until Hillary Clinton is sworn in as the first female President. Lena and her cult like following of Upper West Side feminists and the HBO executives scared shitless of... read more

Killer Mike Blasts Hillary's Twat

Ata recent Bernie Sanders rally, rapper and political activist Killer Mike said, "A uterus doesn't qualify you to be President of the United States." Clearly he meant don't vote for Hillary just because she's a woman. Which is 95% of Clinton's rallying cry these days... read more

Feminists Want a Win Before They Die

Aging feministsare literally dying to see a woman in the White House. Any woman. Hillary Clinton is the last chance. While Bernie Sanders clearly represents the more 60's socialistdreamer wing of the party and Clinton represents the old school practical women who made a... read more