John Mayer Lamely Disses Taylor Swift

John Mayer just threw major shade at Taylor Swift! If you were to read that obnoxiously sensational headline you might think he said she had a huge vagina or that she actually has no friends, the latter actually being true. read more

John Mayer Sit Down

John Mayer sued his Rolex dealer and lost, solidifying himself as a total fucking rich douchebag who gets a ton of pussy. Mayer reportedly bought $5 million in Rolex watches from his dealer Robert Maron. It's unclear why he can't go to the store and buy them but... read more

John Mayer Will Be Banging His Next Celebrity in T-Minus 30 Minutes

E! Online, the purveyor of single-ply entertainment news, has reported that Katy Perry and John Mayer are no longer a couple. Just yesterday they announced that Katy Perry looked like she was wearing an engagement ring from the love of her life, so I'm still having to... read more

John Mayer Might Not Be The World's Biggest Douchebag After All

John Mayer and Katy Perry are reportedly dating again, and that's cool for both of them, because she likes being with guys who seem like massive tools and he's a grown man still singing songs about Taylor Swift. Really, it's a match made in heaven. But the couple was out... read more

Katy Perry Is Single Yet Again

For all the shit that people give Taylor Swift about her flavors of the week and corresponding songs, Katy Perry isn't much better off. We just don't give her as much hell since she has huge breasts and doesn't sing mopey pop farts about the guys with tiny peckers that... read more

Katy Perry is grabby

Most girls would just take a guys hand to steady themselves, but Katy Perry went right for John Mayers dick last night as she very cautiously stepped off a curb, as if she thought the street might be made of lava. So maybe she's a perv, or maybe Mayer just looked very... read more

Katy Perry is still with John Mayer, embarrassed about it

Katy Perry and John Mayer were in New York today (his 35th birthday) and, as always, she hid her face and hung her head in shame. He has got to be getting tired of this. If I were dating someone like her, that is to say a skinny millionaire with DD's, I'd be like, "now... read more

so apparently these two aren't broken up after all

A little of Katy Perry goes a long way, so maybe that's why no one can figure out if she and John Mayer are dating. They'll go out a few times, then reportedly end it, then start right back up. This has been going on since July. They're supposed to be broken up again... read more

Katy Perry and John Mayer broke up

The great love of our time, the romance between Katy Perry and John Mayer, has come to an end according to People. As in the magazine, not just a crowd. The pair seemed like a good match, according to a source who saw them together this month. "They almost acted like... read more

Katy Perry is having sex with John Mayer

Though they haven't gone out together again in public since last week, E! says that Katy Perry and John Mayer have been spending lots of time at his house in the Hollywood Hills. But wait, does that include overnight stays? And yes, that includes overnight stays. "She... read more

you better hang your head in shame Katy Perry

Last week it was mentioned on here that Katy Perry was maybe dating John Mayer now, and this week it's being mentioned again because they were at Chateau Marmont together last night. Meaning it might actually be true. And she certainly looks proud to be seen with him.... read more

is Katy Perry dating John Mayer?

Us magazine asks the question, "What would Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson say?" Which is probably rhetorical but one would say "Brraaadd..." through tears and the other would say, "Rut are you tawkin about" because her mouth was full of food. Then after that... read more