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Friday Morning Headlines

LOUIS CK - has been witnessed peeping into windows and watching underage girls getting undressed, according to flyers posted in Huntington Beach. He's not mentioned by name, so it may be a hoax or someone just used a picture that looked close enough, or maybe he really is doing it because how else are you supposed to watch underage girls take their clothes off? Most of them are so stuck-up they make a big deal out more

Louis CK didn't mean to defend Daniel Tosh

Rape is obviously terrible and awful and wrong (except in self defense), so Daniel Tosh got into a lot of internet trouble last week when he made some rape jokes at a comedy club. One girl in the audience was surprised to hear jokes while at a comedy club, and went online to cry about it. But then the great Louis CK came to his defense, and after that people started to calm down. Except, as he explained on the more

Louis CKs new special is just 5 dollars

I'm a big fan of stealing shit off the internet, because I'm poor financially but rich in a sense of entitlement, but Louis CK is selling his latest special, 'Live at the Beacon Theater', on his website for just 5 dollars. And it's a real special, filmed 4 weeks ago in New York, with all new material, and it looks like any other special you'd see on HBO or whatever. Here's a clip. So why steal that when you more

Louis C.K. asked Donald Rumsfeld if he's a lizard

Louis C.K. was on Opie and Anthony yesterday when former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld called in for an interview, presumably because of some kind of clerical oversight on the part of Rumsfelds staff. Things started off routinely enough, and then at around the 2:30 mark, Louis says... "There's still those people out there that think, you know, Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney are actually lizards, who, I more

tuesday morning headlines

JOE ROGAN - is the best analyst in any sport IMO, but he's still a huge Fedor Emelianenko fan (more) despite the fact that Fedor hasn't fought anyone of note since Nogueira 6 years ago. Saturday night Fedor lost a fight in the first round, and today Rogan will talk about this for the first time on his weekly podcast at 3pm pct. I've always said Fedor was overrated and wouldn't be top 5 in the UFC, so does this mean more