Vin Diesel Has Lost a Lot of Friends (VIDEO)

Vin Diesel recentlyopened up about the death of Paul Walker. Diesel said it was tough to lose Walker and then went into a self-serving monologue referencing his turbulent, war torn past: "It's a heavy thing, Michael. You know? I grew up in the bouncer world, and we lost people while we were bouncing. But the brotherhood in Paul Walker was something completely different." The bouncing world is clearly more

Vin Diesel Seems Like He's Doing Well (VIDEO)

Vin Diesel just fired a shot of crazy across Tyrese's bow in their competition as to who is more emotionally wrecked by the death of Paul Walker. Tyrese has circled the globe filming himself choking upas he looks at different shit that reminds him of Paul. Tyrese even used the sacred Grammy stage over the past weekend to give a heartfelt salute to Paul Walker supporters. That's some mourning game right more

Vin Diesel is rad to the max

Literally anything. Thats what this post is, because Holy Christ there is nothing going on today. So let's selectively choose something about Vin Diesel so we can laugh at him. Like this video from 1986, before he was calling himself Vin Diesel and still going by Mark Sinclair, and making breakdancing videos set to the worst music you'll ever hear. At least until you go to Soundcloud and listen to Vins rap demo more

Paris Hilton hates black people

Remember that time Paris Hilton was at a club and someone was filming it and she looked into the camera and said, "We're like two niggers." If you don't watch the video above because that's it. Well the reason she said that is because she was out partying and drunk but mostly because she's racist as fuck and always has been. LA Weekly has an excerpt from a new book about Hollywood from reporter Neil Straus, more

afternoon headlines

VIN DIESEL - his PR firm dropped him as a client after he disappeared then claimed he was sick rather than doing a day of press to promote “Fast and Furious”. So, good. His excuse was so dumb it borders on condescending. He might as well have started to do a phony English accent half way through the call and said he wasn’t Vin Diesel. (source = new york post) TITS – this is like those comics where Superman fights more


Fast & Furious You know those fully loaded gasoline land trains you always see? Yeah me neither. But apparently the street value of one of those is 1.4 million dollars. I was surprised. The kids are doing so much gasoline on the street these days, the market for back-alley filling stations is exploding. Here in the teaser trailer for "Fast and the Furious 4", the driver of an 800-yard-long truck takes on more