Woody Allen Is A Creeper And Shit Around The Web

We all know Woody Allen is kinda creepy, what with his banging his stepdaughter Soon Yi when she was a teenager. But in an NPR interview he reveals just how much of a sex pest he is. It sounds like classic predator to me. Listen to Woody's confession. (The Superficial) Courtnie Quinlan's tits are fucking amazing. (Egotastic All-Stars) Kylie Jenner can legally drink...in Canada. (TMZ) Ben Affleck is probably banging...read more

Stephen King Thinks The Farrows Are Bitches

Author Stephen King apologized for a Tweet in which he said that Dylan and Mia Farrow are going after Woody Allen out of "bitchiness". For some reason the horror novelist hobbit thought it a good idea to enter the social media shit storm that is the Allen/Farrow molestation back and forth. People have been SCREAAMMMIINGGG in all caps on both sides of the issue for weeks now. Woody and Mia's daughter Dylan recently...read more

The Women of the View Like To Say Shit

The cackling hens on The View tore into each other with various knuckle-headed and completely unfounded accusations on either side of the Woody Allen child diddling allegations. Barbara Walters kicked it off by asserting that Woody Allen couldn't have molested his daughter Dylan because he's so sweet with his new set of kids: I have rarely seen a father as sensitive, as loving and as caring as Woody is and Soon-Yi to...read more

Woody Allen Says He's No Kiddy Fiddler

Woody Allen responded to his daughter Dylan Farrow's allegations that he diddled her as a little girl. Dylan wrote an op-ed last week in which she attacked Woody's fans and the actors who work in his movies. She said that since he fingerbanged her when she was 7, Louis C.K. and Alec Baldwin and Cate Blanchett shouldn't work with him or something. Woody responded saying that he never touched her in her no-no spot and...read more

Woody Allen's Son Is Unhappy

There was one person who was not happy with Woody Allen receiving a lifetime achievement award at last night's Golden Globes and that's his son Ronan Farrow. Ronanclaims that Dad Woody diddled his sister. No, he's not talking about the sister Woody later married. Mia Farrow has always asserted that Woody touched his adopted daughter Dylan in the stranger danger spot when she was seven. Mind you, this was right after...read more