Zac Efron and The Rock Have Cheat Days

New America's icons of masculinity, Zac Efron and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, have "cheat days." They claim thatthese are days when they cheat on their strict diets, which they're on for the upcoming Baywatch movie no one was clamoring for. Efron also gets one day to cheat on his his homosexuality. A day to binge snort steroids off the asses of girls who will eventually leave in tears. John Wayne and more

Zac Efron is Fire Proof

Somebody up there likes Zac Efron. Most prominently thestudio executive standing above him shaking the last bit of cum out on Efron's mug. Efron's been cast in yet another medium budget "bro culture"comedy, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. "Bro culture" is a term promoted by breathless Cosmo bloggersand studio marketing departments to pretend that memes fromgay frat house porn are pertinent to the modern more

Zac Efron Shit on MLK

The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. had his faults. He liked to fornicate. But he got a ton done for black civil rights. Every Januarygovernment workers and bank tellers get to watch basketball at sports bars to celebrate his birthday. You don't fuck with MLK Day publicly. It's the one nicetyAmerica gave to black people after lots of crap behavior. Zac Efron couldn't leave it alone. The star of many more

Michelle Rodriguez Fucks the Gay Out of Zac Efron

At this point, Michelle Rodriguez is merely toying with the true depth of her sex powers. She's like Zod with a vagina. She can fuck the gay into people. Now she's trying to fuck the gay out of Zac Efron. That's like earning a perfect ten in gymnastics before Nadia Comaneci. It seems inconceivable. But Zac jetted out from Los Angeles direct to Michelle's Atlantis compound in the Riviera to be de-gay-programmed more

Zac Efron Took His Shirt Off For Morons (VIDEO)

There's really no better way to confirm that your career is still on track and definitely not being dragged down by rumors of an intense cocaine addiction than by showing up at the MTV Movie Awards and letting someone tear your shirt off. Zac Efron did just that after he was honored with the most prestigious award of all, the Best Shirtless Performance, at last night's event. Rita Ora did the heavy lifting in more

Zac Efron Couldn't Act His Way Out of a Paper Bag Filled with Airplane Glue

According to the journalists at TMZ, Zac Efron's friends are afraid to confront him about his really big problem. No, not the fact that he's been shitty in over fifteen straight shitty failed movies. He'll still get fifteen more, that's how Hollywood works. And, no, not his pretending to be straight. That's a given for all the male model lithesome actors in town. It's drugs. The junk our parents and failed more

Sure Zac Efron, You Were Looking For 'Sushi'

You know how when someone is really fucked up on drugs and has a serious problem that absolutely needs to be addressed, they just lie their asses off to get everyone to leave them alone, and then they go about their business, just doing all the drugs they can get their hands on? That might be Zac Efron right now. After the police had to rescue him and his "bodyguard" from a really shitty area of Los Angeles the more

Zac Efron Got Punched By A Homeless Man

Zac Efron might be battling his inner demons by trying to beat the shit out of homeless people. At least that's the theory that I'm working on this morning, as we all try to figure out why the fuck a once-squeaky-clean guy like Zac Efron was hanging out in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles just after midnight last night. The two-time rehab graduate told police that he and his bodyguard ran out of gas, according to TMZ, more

Did Zac Efron OD Before Going To Rehab?

Zac Efron is having a very public struggle with addiction but did it get so bad that he overdosed? Word on the Internets is that it did. Back in January, before he went into rehab, Zac reportedly had to be resuscitated at a party after he took a bunch of Oxycodone and Aderall. I usually just put out pretzels and chips, so I guess this was a more upscale event. Supposedly, he was so bad off that he wouldn't even more

Zac Efron Might Have Had A Big Cocaine Problem

Further proving that most celebrities are the victims of their own narcissistic desires to be mentioned by the tabloids and gossip sites on a daily basis, actor Zac Efron allegedly not only went to rehab recently for substance abuse, but he also finished his treatment five months ago without anybody ever mentioning it. According to E!, sources claim the 25-year old is "healthy, happy and not drinking," while more

Nicole Kidman pee'd on Zac Efrons face and chest

Nicole Kidman plays a white trash slut so well in 'the Paperboy' that they might as well have called it 'the Dina Lohan Story', especially since they'll both be remembered for the awful thing that came out of their vaginas. As the Huffingtom Post says... "The Paperboy" debuted at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, and Lee Daniels' "Precious" follow-up provided attendees with the chance to watch Nicole more

Zac Efron dropped a condom at the Lorax premiere

Zac Efron apparently dropped a condom on the red carpet at the premiere of ‘The Lorax', I guess because he could have sex at any moment. Or maybe he wears them when a girl blows him too. What a creep. Personally I would never reach into my pocket, pull out some latex covered in spermicide and then ask a girl I just met to lick it, but apparently Zac Efron doesn't respect women as much as I do. (image source of more

it could have been Zac Efron tweeting Demi Moores ass

Had he played his cards right, 24-year-old Zac Efron could have been the next young Hollywood hunk having three-ways with 49-year-old Demi Moore. Or, played his cards wrong, whichever the case may be. "(Demi) has been really down (since separating from Ashton Kutcher), and she's surrounding herself with young people to make her feel better," an insider tells Us magazine. One of Moore's favorite young stars to more

Afternoon Headlines

ZAC EFRON - is considering breaking up with Vanessa Hudgens because he's being told, "When people see them together, they think of their characters." As in from "High School Musical". Another way to change his image would be to rant about how the Jews control the banks. They do, you know. I've got some stuff you should read. (source = star magazine) LILY ALLEN - says that "Britain's Got Talent" sensation Susan more


Zac Efron and his awesome girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens were in Hawaii over the weekend for some friends wedding. I guess that’s the kind of guy she’s into. Some girls find that type attractive I guess. I don’t get it but whatever. If she’s ready to upgrade, I'm right here baby. I was All-State in Push-Ups and French Kissing in HS, then went on to win the Admiral Bull Halsey Award for Achievements in Ass-Kicking while more