MSNBC Host Hung Out on Homophobic Slurs

Note to everybody moving forward, skip anything less than pleasant and positive. Read the novel 1984 as a practical instruction manual. read more

Britney Spears Case Of The Runs While Singing Elvis Live

You know it's going to be a good day when Britney Spears' handlers sprinkle out a trail of Zoloft to lure her in front of the cameras to sing live. The inexplicably still up and running Spears sports the hottest Kohl's prom dress a girl could get in 2002 while belting out... read more

Kaley Cuoco Screaming Engagement to Creepy Albino Heir (VIDEO)

Cuoco's latest guy is a Lurch looking fellow who hails from the richest family in Indiana. That's only modestly a backhanded compliment. Karl Cook's dad started Intuit, which among other things, invented and sold Quickbooks software for thirty years. read more

Prosecutors Going After Shkreli's Wu Tang

You may recall that shortly before being found guilty of securities fraud, pharma weasel Martin Shkreli couldn't wipe that creepy shit eating grin off his face. After his guilty verdict, same shit eating grin read more

Kate Beckinsale Says Men Are The Problem

Are people putting weapons to the necks of women and threatening them to conform to societal standards? Thanks to idiots on the internet searching for the next thing to be outraged over having an opinion is becoming endangered and will pretty soon be illegal.  read more

Bella Thorne "Ain't No Two Pump Chump" On Giant Penis (VIDEO)

Ragged Anne Doll Bella Thorne always manages to one-up her crazy shenanigans - creating Internet buzz and generating comments like "ew" and "I thought she was dead" - and this turn on a giant mechanical penis is no different. The twenty-year-old hypothetical actress took... read more

Larry King Vapes With Strangers

Elderly celebrity privilege is a real thing. Had Larry been just some old guy no random woman would have let him put those sardine slivers he calls lips on her vape. But Larry put the smooth moves of a frat bro on an unsuspecting brunette.  read more

Someone Ran Away With Mayweather’s Jewels

Owning a state-of-the-art alarm system doesn’t guarantee great results if you’re too stupid to turn it on. But what did you expect from someone who can’t properly read the language he’s spoken since birth. read more

Chrissy Teigen Pan Am Ho Convention Birthday

Chrissy Teigen managed to keep her nipples and cellulite at bay, as far as we know, during her Pan Am-themed thirty-second birthday party that people are talking about for some reason. Pan Am harkening back to a time when a male pilot could full-blown rape a stewardess... read more

Harry Potter Franchise Defends Depp

All men are no longer allowed to make mistakes and must be on their P’s and Q’s when it comes to their colleague’s T and A. read more

Open Post: Which Jenndashian Needs To Be Voted Off The Island? Island Meaning Planet

Each and every Jenndashian brings a little something extra to the table - Beast brings a fork and knife, Kim brings HPV, Kourtney brings an inch of visible gums, Kris brings a Taser in case one of them gets out of line, and Kendall of course brings the only body that... read more