Cannibal Gets Off Scot Free

In 2008 a guy named Vince Li was traveling by Greyhound bus through Canada when he suddenly stabbed another passenger to death, ate some of his prime cuts, and then severed his head with a pocket knife and used the bobbling head to taunt the disembarked passengers who... read more

Double The Hotties For Valentines Day

No one wants to be lonely on Valentines Day but not everyone has that special someone. Even if you do have that special someone odds are you will be spending way to much money on something you don’t want to be doing this Valentines Day. Why suffer being alone or spending... read more

The Belle Knox Bio Pic Has Landed And Shit Around The Web

Duke porn star freshman,Belle Knox, most worthwile Duke student ever, by far, finally got her own bio pic. Basic cable, so may be a bit light on the fisting. Use your imagination. read more

Madonna Transatlantic Baby Trade and Johnny Depp's $30K a Month Wine Tab on Last Men on Earth Podcast #76

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast Matt and I profoundly discuss the ramifications of a nationwide Woman Strike, how Lady Gaga came to invent her own body shaming and nobody cares, why Budweiser isn't actually the beer of the tolerant pacifists, how Johnny Depp can... read more

Channing Tatum Vodka Might Be For You

Channing Tatum is launching a vodka brand called Born and Bred. He invented an entire backstory as to why this merely wasn't Grand Teton Distillery paying him to front a vodka that will be remarkably exactly like all their other vodkas but with a crafted Channing Tatum... read more

Fifty Shades Is Back For Your Politically Correct Pornography Needs (Mr. Skin Minute Video)

Here's something to bear in mind in the current zeitgeist. When you do something gross, it's gross. When somebody in a protected class does something gross, it's free expression. That includes pornography. read more

Christina Barnanski Angling on Betsy DeVos

Hollywood actors can name every single member of the Trump cabinet but would struggle with the names of world leaders and the per doseprice of Valtrex. Ho Chi Minh and free? read more

Debra Messing Recalls Her Subjugation

Speaking at the MAKERS conference for working women who can afford really expensive pantsuits, Debra Messing recalls being humiliated on the set of Walk in the Clouds, the incredibly dull 1995 war romance film with Keanu Reeves. Messing claims director Alfonso Arau mocked... read more

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid Keep a Straight Face

You keep waiting for some fashion designer to sheepishly admit their entire industry is a sham. A middle school girl could illustratethe same rehashed apparel cutouts to her Surinamese slave seamstress teams and producea tiny jacket. read more

Clooney Having Batched Babies

While it is indeed troubling that the patriarch of the Duggar family full of child molesters will someday soon have two hundred grand children, let's not negate the fact that women unable to naturally conceive are being pumped full of embryos at an alarming rate. read more

Scarlett Johansson Working Mom

It's cool to be compassionate, but don't tell Holocaust survivors you understand their plight because you once manned a pizza oven. People don't like it when you hang out with them so you can put it on your resume. read more

All The Trump Name-Calling, One Finally Lands

Millions have tried to demean Trump with angry name calling. On their Twitter feeds, Instagrams, Facebook, TV shows, SNL skits, concert stages, Washington Mall rants. Lots of Hitler this and Stalin that. Racist, sexist, pedophile. read more