Aaron Hernandez Flamed Out Fast

Not many guys will off themselves after a big double murder acquittal. That's so Aaron Hernandez to do the unexpected. Watching the Patriots celebrate at the White House is a lot for many of us to handle. read more

Julia Roberts 'Most Beautiful Woman' For Record Fifth Time

Julia Roberts has been named the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” by People Magazine for a record fifth time. This is the same publication that claims Mama June is a size four and Katy Perry and Russell Brand couldn't be happier together. read more

Ask Tyler: What's Wrong With Watching Sports?

Ask Tyler: Did you really shit on people who watch sports? Do you have any freakin clue who reads this blog? read more

Alexandra Rodríguez in A Bikini

The term Miami-based model is roughly equivalent to Western Pennsylvania fullback. It the job code for forty percent of the seventeen year olds in the local area. Some tiny segment will make rent off their listed work. read more

Kendall Jenner Butch Like Bruce

Kendall Jenner opens up about her life in the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The magazine knows that Jenner is a walking and talking Ambien pill. They buttress tidbits such as the struggles of owning a robin’s egg-blue car with as many references to Caitlyn Jenner as... read more

Carmelo Anthony Unfaithful

When you marry an NBA player you have to expect him to give you chlamydia at some point. He'll also buy you a G Wagon. For some, it's an amicable trade off. read more

Mr. Skin Podcast Ep 41: Top Boobs Of Coachella And Skin-Stagram

It’s Coachella time, so all the hottest young celebs are out in the desert wearing their skimpiest outfits. Mr. Skin and Andrea discuss the highlights from the world’s sexiest music fest, then run down the best of the breast from the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Kate... read more

April Love Geary Super Tan and Fine And Shit Around The Web

Robin Thicke started dating young model April Love Geary after his wife tossed him for boozingtoo much and cumming on the masseuse. To his credit, he remains with her to this day. She's almost old enough to drink now. read more

Bella Thorne Censored Nipple Throws Teen Vogue

Leafing through any girls magazines these days is tantamount to a seminar in tortured feminist sexual politics. What happened to bad hair day confessions and diary entries about the cutest boy ever? I'm making that up, I have no clue. I did once read a Tiger Beat. read more

Ice-T Details 'Jungle Sex' With Coco

Coco Austin met Ice-T while he was filming on set and she was recommended to him as a girl he might like. Color that intro any way you like. It's how relationships were formed throughout history before women were allowed to own property. read more

Drake May Have Knocked Up a THOT

THOT is one of the stupidest Urban Dictionary entries ever, but the black gossip sites love to drop it constantly so white people can re-use That Ho Over There and sound like they're on to something special. read more

Target Remains a Hot Bed of Victimization

Most of societies great social struggles are played out within the walls of your typical Target box store. Tranny bathrooms, girls toys no longer allowed to be colored pink, and body shaming. Tons and tons of body shaming. read more