French Going to Imprison Magazine Publishers for Topless Kate Middleton Photos

The U.S. has always been generous to its celebrities in unofficial ways. Before cellphone videos and TMZ you could snort and rape and drive drunk or kill people occasionally and the authorities would look the other way. read more

Deadpool Transitioning from Pansexual to Gay

Deadpool film director Tim Miller took great joy during the run up to movie release by referring to the lead character in the film as the first pansexual superhero. Miller demanded to be quoted on that. Nobody knows what pansexual means as it was largely invented in some... read more

And the $100 Jean Shorts Shall Guide Us

There are those moments when a product comes to market that your brain tells you is completely moronic while your years of living on this planet tell you is going to make more money than your baseball card trading blog, by good measure. read more

Daisy Lowe Is The One

Daisy Lowe appears to have found a middle ground in the real woman body modeling debate. Because her mystery bio dad turned out to be Gavin Rossdale, she's been able to get top notch gigs since eighteen while still consuming normal person food. read more

Actors Are Not People

W Magazine published a spread of actresses young and old who will likely be up for awards this January and February when Hollywood stands in a circle and jerks off on one another. Not the black people obviously. read more

John Travolta Healthy Marriage

John Travolta discussed his marriage in a recent interview with Closer Weekly. How could this not be awkward? Spare the poor woman some dignity. Travolta explained that he and Kelly Preston have a very healthy marriage, something only a gay guy would think to say. read more

Nicole Kidman Damaging Her Children

Nicole Kidman did a radio interview with two yentas who call themselves The Moms. You can be a mother or a father, but when your entire identity lies in the fact that you've reproduced, you're a loser. read more

The Real Housewives of ISIS Might Move the Needle (VIDEO)

A BBC comedy skit show called Revolting created a spoof reality show series The Real Housewives of ISIS. It's funny, sharp, and politically incorrect. Therefore, being criticized by many as insensitive and offensive. read more

Fergie In A Tiny Bikini In Hawaii And Shit Around The Web

Fergie Bikinis in Hawaii like a good little MILF. Though she's neither little or that good. Still, MILF. read more

Leonardo DiCaprio Points the Peen of Fortune at Paige Watkins

DiCaprio model fucking isn't a solo sprint, it's a relay. He runs all the segments, which is saying something considering his four seasons paunch. The trick is in the smooth baton handoff. read more

Australian Golfer Anna Rawson Seems Pretty Tight

The threshold for female athletic accomplishments as a cheat to show off cheesecake photos is pretty low. Anna Kournikova made an entire early stage career out of the same simple standard. Her latter stage career is boning Enrique Iglesias. read more

Camila Morrone Knows Shit

Formal education is a waste if you're semi good looking and have tons of Instagram followers. Cami Morrone dishes out fashion advice, travel and decor advice, health and nutrition advice, all based off the fact she has pouty lips and her dad was a male supermodel,... read more