Sugar Sweet With Lies

A new medical historical study shows that the sugar industry heavily sponsored Harvard medical dietary research in the 1960's to blame fat, as opposed to refined sugar, as the primary culprit in rising heart disease rates. read more

Stella Maxwell Cleaning Up

How to be the bomb in the fashion industry. Long legs, blond, skinny, Irish, lesbian. Haute couture is an artificial construct of silly people doing silly things for silly money. Cunning people make mincemeat of these commercial sectors. read more

ABC Reenacts That Moment Nothing Happened to Ryan Lochte (VIDEO)

ABC hit the jackpot with Dancing with the Stars where they get to pay next to nothing in Hollywood terms for D-list celebrities to bedazzle their bodies and foxtrot with heavily made-up midgets who were not attractive enough to be models. read more

Kim Zolciak Finishing Touches on The Daughter Project

The circle is now complete. Kim Zolciak famous for making babies with lots of men, the most recent of whom was just cut from the Buffalo Bills so, there will be a next one, has turned her older daughter into the spitting image of herself. read more

Clinton Fainting Female Response Team Activates

The entire point of national politics is to hone an utterly false and misleading public persona and hope it sticks with a largely uninvolved electorate through the election. This feat was easier to accomplish in the days before cable news and later the Internet caused you... read more

Cory Booker's New Beard

Cory Booker is the junior senator from New Jersey, meaning he should be getting decent poon on the regular. Strangely enough he's always been a swingin' bachelor, well into his mid 40's. That doesn't just mean he's not married. read more

Alexis Arquette Death Leads to Tranny Pronoun Rants

Alexis Arquette passed away over the weekend at forty-seven. No cause of death was released for the transgendered Arquette sibling. The Clinton Campaign is assuring everybody it was just allergies. read more

Kylie Jenner And Tyga Off to Fuck

Kylie Jenner and her broke-ass rapper boyfriend headed to their Airbnb apartment in New York to retreat from the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week and get down to the business of fucking. read more

Irina Shayk In A Sheer Dress And Shit Around The Web

Irina Shayk in a see-through dress in Glamour Russia. She stopped wearing opaque at age twelve. That's when the pickled carp stops tasting quaint and it's time to get the fuck out of Russia. read more

Lindsay Lohan Rolls On

Fresh off breaking her engagement to a rich Russian boy she claims routinely assaulted her though she never filed charges and her own online media posts make her look like the aggressor, Lindsay Lohan found a new love of her life. Dennis Papageorgiou. He's a restauranteur... read more

Norwegians Back Down Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg came under fire from a Norwegian newspaper for deleting a Facebook posted article of the Seven Photographs That Changed the History of Warfare. The article contained that iconic photo of the nine-year old naked local girl running away from a Napalm strike... read more

Blac Chyna Wants a Paternity Test

Still Fat Rob Kardashian and his pregnant stripper girlfriend are putting on a reality show where producers ran out of ideas before the show even premiered. "What the fuck is left to make these two yucks do?" had to be the most-oft uttered phrase in pre-production... read more