Jada Pinkett Smith Bikinis In Hawaii And Shit Around The Web

Jade Pinkett Smith is the best part of the Smith family. When she doesn't speak, she's almost endearing. It's close. read more

Jamie King and Victoria Beckham Featuring Gaunt Look This Spring

It's possible we spend too much time focusing on the plus sized models being media restructured as body positive and not enough time on those likely to be buried even sooner. Our malnourished class of street urchins and deeply bitter Brentwood celebrity models. read more

Beatification of Serena Williams Marches On

Brawny paper towels wants to remind you of the groundbreaking women in American History. The greats like Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, Susan B. Anthony, Marie Curie, and Serena Williams. Not necessarily in that order. read more

Aida Domenech Epitomizes Fashion Blogging

It's hard to remember how people got dressed in the morning before YouTube style influencers with foreign accents took on millions of daily viewers pretending to process TPS forms in their cubicles. It's like conjuring up how you got money before ATMs. Who can remember?... read more

Watson and Seyfried Fall Into Hack Trap

Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried are the two latest celebrities to have had their private photos hacked and redistributed on websites that all claim to have the Authentic Taylor Swift double fisted anal sex tape. read more

Khloe Kardashian Bagged Another Lamar

You assume people around Tristan Thompson have brought up the track record of black athletes hooking up with Kardashian women. This can't be Thompson's first pro style pussy. read more

Hailey Baldwin Conflicted

Hailey Baldwin was raised by born again religious skateboarding fanatics so it's no surprise she turned out kind of off. She recently gave an interview discussing her "spirituality", which is a term people from big cities use to describe beliefs which have no rational... read more

Jesse James Moving On

You've got to love the guy who fucks you over in a business deal and then consoles you with a platitude such as 'life isn't fair.' True, but it would be more fair if someone randomly stabbed you in the subway. read more

Pam Anderson Dripping WikiLeaks and Mama June Fap Worthy on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #80

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast, we delve into the vagina poetry of Pamela Anderson for her stud Julian, Matt shockingly calls Mama June a trailer park 6 or 7, Snoop fake shoots Trump but real shoots other people, I defend Justin Bieber for being spiteful midget... read more

Elle Fanning In A Yellow Sports Bra And Shit Around The Web

Elle Fanning can act and she seems happy and has small titties. She's a true one of a kind in this town. read more

Ask Tyler: Follow the Herd

Tyler:Whose d*ck did you have to suck to get a job writing sh*t online and getting paid for it.I work for a collection company in a cubical and my life sucks. It is a huge company with hundreds of employees and I just feel like I am wasting my life away one day at a time.... read more

Emily Ratajkowski Owns the Feminist Chick in Panties Space (VIDEO)

Feminist salaries start out at zero and if you keep your nose to the patriarchal grindstone, in a few years you could also be making zero. That's no way to pay for your Prada bags and Meat Packing District retro loft. read more