Priyanka Chopra Feminist Who Likes Boys For Meghan Markle

Priyanka Chopra is one of those celebrities who I see in the headlines but don't actually click on. Mostly because I have no idea who she is. A bangable actress who advocates for convenient causes? Rare breed. Chopra found an opportunity to piss her claim all over another... read more

Kylie Jenner Reveals Reason For Balloon Animal Lips

Kyle Jenner is running out of revelations for the three people watching her deep fried queef casserole reality series, Life of Kylie. On last night's episode, the botched starlet opened up about the reason why it looks like a balloon animal in the shape of a sea... read more

Oscar De La Hoya, Cross Dressing Regrets

Imagine being professionally beaten in a boxing match by a Mexican man who wears lingerie in his spare time.  read more

Ariel Winter's Ass is Hungry

Sometimes the ass wants what the ass wants. That's basically Ariel Winter's defense for the ass cheeks that ate her shorts the other day.  read more

Brian Austin Green Defends His Kinder Tranny

Rounding down, about zero percent of the population gives a crap how you dress your about to turn five year old. Short of some kind of expletive on a t-shirt which alerts zero tolerance principals and PTA moms, who comments on a kindergartners' clothes?   read more

Khloe Kardashian Will Ever Go Hungry Again

In an almost 800 word essay composed by Khloe Kardashian and her support team, the youngest Kardashian sister claims that in the first five years of her TV show fame, she was denied the commercial opportunities of her two older sisters due to her weight. read more

Price Gouger Martin Shkreli Selling Wu-Tang Album On eBay

 If Martin believes that he genuinely holds the only copy of that CD he's sadly mistaken. That "rare" CD you purchased for an obscene amount of money is the equivalent of an overpriced original Xbox Halo 2 collectors edition copy. read more

KFC Heiress Has a Snack Pack for You

Bodies like hers come from the strict abstinence of buckets filled with fried chicken and french fries. So getting involved in lingerie seemed a little more up her avenue than the management of meat.  read more

The Book of Bush

Nothing wakes one up faster than a nice cup of entitlement in the morning. Please name one person that is more qualified to pen a book on American political controversies than a pair of twins whose daddy was president at one point. read more

Flava Flav: Yeah Boys, a Lawsuit

Years ago Flavor Flav and Public Enemy used to fight the power together. Fast forward to recent times and Flavor Flav is letting his group mates know they can fight this lawsuit.  read more

Tinder Date Attempts Mission Impossible, Reclaiming A Misplaced Bag Of Her Own Poop

Dating as a teenager has taught me so much. One of the valuable lessons that I've carried with me into my adult life is to never overindulge in unfamiliar food on date with a stranger you plan on sleeping with. It never ends well.  read more

Badly Budgeted American Idol Offers VIP Disney Perks As Pay

Katy Perry's paycheck from American Idol caused more than enough problems for the show. Apparently the show's accountant and financial advisor are both non existent positions and everyone just sort of wings it when it comes to picking a number to pay staff. read more