Chantel Jeffries Bosomy Black Bikini and Shit Around the Web

  Donna D'Errico looking busty, Remy Ma slips a nip, and more! read more

ABC's Bachelor In Paradise Shut Down Over a Little Non-Consensual Cunnilingus

It's odd that a heavily staged reality show would face its demons after fifteen years for doing the same miscreant bullshit it's been doing for fifteen years. Crappy produced reality television for women, meet 2017 social and political hysterical hype by women.  read more

Katy Perry Weekend Confessional For Remaining Fans

Katy Perry crammed a lifetime's worth of publicity stunts into one weekend thanks to the Big Brother-style live stream promotion of her new album Witness. She divulged her suicidal thoughts, best celebrity fucks, and cultural appropriation woes during scheduled interviews... read more

Gwyneth Paltrow the Gathering

Gwyneth Paltrow took a big steaming Goop on eager attendees as her first annual "In Goop Heath Summit" in Los Angeles this weekend. Nobody even flinched at the use of cheap puns for clearly serious medical seminars. read more

Delta and BofA Pull Out of Trump Murder Play

Shakespeare in the Park now includes a Donald Trump character as a modern Julius Caesar being knifed to death by Brutus and his buddies. At least the Central Park version this summer. This might be more provocative if it weren't the millionth time Trump has been... read more

Amber Rose Full Frontal Slut Promo

Watch guys who wrestled in high school in stadium dustups in their 40's. They still lunge for a takedown. Former strippers will always try to get what they want by taking off their clothes. You can't shake years of early training. read more

Nicole Kidman Work Rage

Actors are largely good looking people who knew early on they couldn't work an honest job. Add on all the hidden gay and restrictive girdles and you have lazy people with secrets. What's not to love?   read more

Snapchat Is For Porn

Ask somebody under eighteen to explain Snapchat. Their eyes light up. It's how boys used to talk about video games. But this game includes naked women.  read more

An Old Man Made Some Babies and the World Is Going Crazy

George Clooney has fucked a hundred women. The last one he let keep the baby and the media and celebrity world has taken on the role of the incredibly doting Wise Men. read more

Eiza Gonzalez Spandex Superstar and Shit Around the Web

Miss Bumbum Brazil, Lily-Rose Depp in full bloom, and more! read more

Taylor Swift Is Tip Top Bitch

Katy Perry is nuts in the news with her new album release. Not everybody is happy. For instance, anybody with musical taste. Also Taylor Swift who takes her industry feuds as dead serious as Suge Knight. Only she doesn't like to touch people. read more

Amanda Bynes Announces Return (VIDEO)

After three years cloistered at the Southern California Fashion Institute, Amanda Bynes proudly declared herself three years sober. Also she knows how to sew and make patterns. Any recovering addict knows better than to rank their accomplishments. read more