Cosby Family Can't Imagine a Better Dad

With his trial for being a sexual cretin coming up shortly, the Cosby family public relations campaign has officially begun. Bill Cosby or whoever is handling him these days kicked it off with a Tweet of love and support to his wife and kids, including Ennis, his son who... read more

Feminist Sofia Coppola Tells Kirsten Dunst To Not Be Fat

Kirsten Dunst gushes about long time collaborator Sofia Coppola in the new issue of Variety. The tit machine once again stars in a flick directed by Coppola. The upcoming The Beguiled follows 1999's The Virgin Suicides and 2006's Marie Antoinette. read more

Dani Mathers Must Face A Jury of Her Peers

Being a Playboy model and bon vivant about town offers you well-to-do boyfriends and gigs you're not possibly qualified for. Our social compact insists good looking women with large tits be rewarded. There are numerous reasons why this is a good thing, largely for men,... read more

Kendall Jenner Face Plants Off Bike (VIDEO)

God is good. God is great. Let us thank him for this video of Kendall Jenner busting her ass while cruising around a vineyard on a bicycle. Let us also thank him for sexy water buffalo Khloé Kardashian, who posted the whole mess to Instagram with the caption "My work here... read more

Aaron Hernandez' Fiancee Shares It All With Dr. Phil

Aaron Hernandez' fiancee, Shayanna Jenkens, found herself facing Dr. Phil on the fake home interview set. This is no cakewalk. Your appearance fee is for more than looking good and crying thrice. Dr. Phil wants answers. read more

Sex Addiction Once Again Seems Awesome

The term 'sex addict' has come up again as if it's a real thing thanks to Scott Disick mansplaining to his thrice baby mama that it's the reason he can't stop banging girls. The rest of humanity has yet to put a name to their very same behavior. read more

Hayley Hasselhoff Gets A DUI

There are two valid reasons to be asleep at the wheel of your car on the side of the freeway at four am. You've been working triple shifts to make ends meet for the family or you're wasted drunk. Hayley Hasselhoff hasn't collectivelyworked a single shift. Hasselhoff was... read more

Former WNBA Teammates Wed

Prior to the Phoenix Mercury's heavily not anticipated season opener, current player and former league MVP Diana Taurasi announced that she had married Penny Taylor, a former teammate whose couch is certainly covered in dog hair. read more

Antonio Cromartie To Have 14th Kid

Despite having considerable difficulty naming all of his offspring, Antonio Cromartie is expecting his fourteenth kid, making it his sixth with his current wife Terricka Cromartie. This comes on the heels of Cromartie getting a vasectomy because he apparently gets chicks... read more

Kelly Gale's Amazing Arm Bra and Shit Around the Web

Laissa Medeirostopless for L'Officiel (DrunkenStepfather) Penelope Cruzsporting blonde hair on set (TMZ) Suki Waterhouseupskirt on a photoshoot (TaxiDriverMovie) Sammy Braddytopless school girl (EgotasticAllStars) Kelly Galesultry in panties and bras, and less (Egotastic)... read more

New Miss USA Falls for Trap Question (VIDEO)

The Miss USA pageant took place without anybody noticing. Miss District of Columbia won. Not surprisingly, she's a government employee. More surprisingly, she's a scientist with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. read more

McKayla Maroney Defends Her Ass

Somebody raise their hand when they notice a pattern of 18-22 year old second tier celebrity chicks defending their soft core porn shots on social media. McKayla Maroney who was super famous for ten days in 2012 at the London Olympics has turned her gold into numerous CW... read more