This CW Series Now Swirling With Sexual Assault Claims

Men sending in their résumés to work on a network that films half of its scenes in high school locker rooms aren't really playing coy. Their desired job title might as well be "Teen Taint Inspector." read more

You'll Never Guess Amy Schumer's New Boyfriend's Job

Schumer's recent choice in man meat all but solidifies the fact that she's finally given up and will next be seen getting dragged through the streets New York City as a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. But guys, she's still a size six. Get your facts... read more

George H.W. Bush Been Cop-a-Feeling For a While Now

A woman named Rosyln Corrigan claims Bush the Elder pulled his photo ass grab move on her way back in 2003. She was sixteen at the time which absolutely makes it worse. read more

Wonder Woman Will Quit If Brett Ratner Manages Next Flick

Female celebrities will soon start taking one knee to protest sexual harassment. Before that it was both knees with no objections but some hush money curbed all that courage to come out and identify the culprit. I guess it’s hard to talk with a full mouth and full... read more

Mr. Skin Podcast Ep. 71: Anna Friel Boobs and Maria Bamford Bush

This week on the Mr. Skin Podcast, The Girlfriend Experience is pushing the limits this week on Starz with a full, uninterrupted 7 minutes of lesbian sex between Anna Friel and Louisa Krause. read more

Don’t Let Ellen Degeneres Name Your Child

People are not pets. Celebrities still haven’t figured that out yet. Naming your child something you would name your french bulldog will only make your kid hate you when they’re old enough to realize what happened read more

Kim Kardashian Hosts Baby Shower For Baby She's Paying Somebody Else to Have

Having a baby and still looking great seems to be assisted by not actually having the baby yourself. read more

Ehrmagerd, Nerse Berbs Gemma Merna ernd Shirt Arerd de Werb

Elizabeth Hurley battles Heidi Klum for supreme hotness and more! read more

Farrah Abraham’s Failing Career Forcing Her To Sell Properties

Farrah Abraham sucked her way into a career. Now she just sucks at her career. So much so that she’s being forced to divorce herself from her properties. read more

Bijou Phillips... Alive?

Reports are coming in that Bijou Phillips is still apparently alive and that people still care about her. The glut of thirty-something actresses just now revealing with their faces that genetics unfortunately won't allow for another decade of marginal success is... read more

Smallville Actress Seduces Women To Join Sex Cult

I don’t like to assume that all sex cults are inherently evil. Change it from sex cult to sex club and you have yourself the average swinger couple’s Saturday night.  read more

OJ Not Adapting Well To Life After Lock Up

If I was 70-years-old and on parole I wouldn’t know how to behave myself either. Life at that age after a prison sentence just becomes about drinking and seeing some titties.  read more