Brie Larson Has Seen Suffering

Most people that claim to speak for all people tend to only have victimization stories involving themselves. It's one of those things to look for when learning how to completely discount celebrity stories of Revenant like survival in their Brentwood estates. read more

Cam Newton Can’t Believe Women Know Football

When a sports star drops the ball on respecting females, sponsors will quickly race to drop the offender. Not because it’s a matter of right or wrong, but because athletes are never the target demographic of the products that sponsor them. read more

Woody Allen’s Adopted Son Alleges Abuse And Brainwashing

What’s adoption without a little manipulation from the people that probably hand picked you personally like some puppy at the pound. read more

OJ Just Wants To Lay Low

When you believe you can’t beat the case, then manage to challenge the police to a televised high speed race, and still come out first place in criminal court with a not guilty verdict you’re instantly elevated to legend status. For all the wrong reasons of course.  read more

Smith Family Celebrity Garage Sale

I wouldn’t mind owning one or two pairs of Jada Pinkett-Smith’s old panties. Not for anything pervy, but because I’m inclined towards doing everything I can in helping those afflicted by natural disasters.  read more

Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks Wishes Ex-Wife Farewell With Yacht Pap Pics

Nothing says "Have fun being poor you dumb cow" to your soon-to-be ex-wife quite like stripping down with your new ho on a million-dollar yacht in St. Barts in front of the paps. "Hot Felon" Jeremy Meeks is wasting no time shedding whatever past sanctioned his tattoo... read more

Caitlyn Hid Her Dick Snip From Kim

It’s a sad day for any celebrity when someone who has been like a father to you for the first half of their life becomes your other mother for the second half. Even a google search quickly corrects and reminds you that your old dad is your new mom number two.  read more

Celebrity Deathmatch In Vegas, George Foreman vs Steven Seagal

Senior citizen Foreman officially challenged another retiree home resident, Steven Seagal, to a 10 round boxing match in sin city. Because who doesn’t want to see old people beat each other until one party suffers from cardiac arrest.  read more

Right Now, You Can Get Access to Naked News for Just $5!

The New York Times may be "the news that's fit to print," but Naked News can do one better: It's "the news with nothing to hide."  read more

Catch the Katharine McPhee-ver and Shit Around the Web

Sexy stars hanging out, the top cam girls, and more! read more

Jared Leto Lands Lead Role In Hugh Hefner Biopic

Contrary to popular assumptions, I hope this movie isn’t targeted to cater to men who receive thoughtless Father’s Day gift sets exclusively from Target every year.  read more

Tyrese Bitches at The Rock For Being More Successful

Fast and Furious 9 has been pushed back from 2019 to a 2020 release date. If you've lost your will to live, people will understand. Tyrese Gibson publicly blamed the year longer wait on Dwayne Johnson and his producing partner pushing back the schedule to better fit their... read more