Kristen Stewart Cautious About Woody And Shit Around The Web

Kristen Stewart was reluctant to work with Woody Allen because he's an accused child molester. But then she said, "Fuck it", did his movie and cashed her paycheck. Being temporarily lesbian doesn't make you the world's more

Behold the Gwyneth Paltrow Golden Dildo

When you think of Gwyneth Paltrow, you think of hot unbridled sloppy sex. Or the girlfriend who looks on disapprovingly while you're watching porn of the same. Patlrow's elite shopping site Goop is merchandising sex toys for women who get off paying ten times retail markup. You're going to want something nice to shove up your twat during the decades your husband is out fucking somebody less more

Gene Simmons Calls Dead Prince a Pussy

Gene Simmons consumes media attention as Rebel Wilson to chocolate covered name anything. The former KISS guitarist and founding member took a pot shot at dead Prince calling him pathetic for presumably croaking in his 50's from a Percocet more

Cleo Live Seems Healthy

If social media stars are branding themselves as real pop media icons, why not adult webcam stars? The numbers on mainstream social media seem tremendous until you get into the analytics on adult peer to peer premium services. The Internet is porn. LiveJasmin is what Facebook hopes to grow up to be. That's more

Cyndi Lauper Still Fighting (VIDEO)

Cyndi Lauper can't quit supporting trending social causes with tribute songs. Lauper reworked her Girls Just Want to Have Fun hit to Girls Just Want To Have Funds, in support of gender pay equality. Lauper comes from a pop music industry where women dominate the ranks of the top paid. She's made herself a cool thirty million off of two hit songs in the 80's. But nobody wants to hear you riff on back taxes on more

Arianny Celeste In Sexy Black Lingerie And Shit Around The Web

Arianny Celeste is a UFC octagon girl that's become a model outside the ring. It's easy to see why. Is it talent? No, it's the tits. They are fucking more

Tanya Burr Has Bikini Ass Confidence

Tanya Burr is the YouTube and Instagram shit in England. Her fashion and lifestyle channels consume the attention of every single British chick not sporting an overbite and singing sad songs in a pub. Burr offers up gems of advice you can't find anywhere else, save for every single women's magazine ever more

Stina Sanders in A Bikini

Stina Sanders was rising in her modeling career until she agreed to perform a social experiment where she only posted untouched, no makeup, no tits photos to her Instagram account. Sort of like that social experiment where you step in front of oncoming traffic to see if a shattered clavicle and compound complex tibia fracture hurts like a motherfuckerread more

Oceana Strachan Has Grown Up

Oceana Strachan was the subject of some cultural angst when she was signed to a modeling agency at fourteen and was bitching about how she already felt too old. The agencies were targeting middle schools to get their girls into the big money Euro circuit where they like their women like they like their coffee, flat and more

Ozzy Osbourne Still Fucking After All These Years

Sources confirm the worst about Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's relationship: At this time Ozzy is not at the marital home. A bit formal considering the couple have split several times before. That's not even counting the episodes of Ozzy wandering off for several days believing it's 1971 and he's late for his gig at the Royal Albert Hall. Can't find me more

Hollywood Vegans Turn to Animal Flesh

Matthew and Terces Engelhart started their upscale vegan restaurant chain with one goal. Make a boatload of cash off trendy fuckers in Los Angeles and get the hell out of town. The Engelharts animal-free restaurants pack in the perniciously iron deficient crowds seeking to better themselves by mimicking the diets of far less successful species. The lines is often half an hour or more. Yet nobody has the time to more

Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman in Black Bikinis

These two chicks sell swimwear online. They visit popular beaches in matching bikinis waiting for cued up hunky boyfriends to run over and kiss them ferociously as men disturbingly do in porn when she still has your cum on her lips. This country has moved to a digital entrepreneurial more

Bieber Gets A Face Tattoo And Shit Around The Web

Lesbian troll doll Justin Bieber got himself a face tattoo. It's a tiny cross by his eye. Doesn't that mean you're a pee queen in prison? It does more

Dani Thorne in A Bikini

Not every Von Erich could wrestle.Not every Thorne sister looks like Bella. What becomes of the beta versions of your stage kids? You literally told them who needs an education when you can get a degree in rich and more

Kristen Stewart Lesbian Lean Out

Kristen Stewart dumped her burly French DJ girlfriend after wrapping a film n Paris. Soko had to suspect she was merely an out of town work fling. You're three knuckles deep and she's insisting you can only reach her via telegram. How many times did she change the subject when you asked her to go in on a full carton of cigarettes?read more