"It's an official split."

This weeks version of the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie break-up story comes from the National Enquirer, which I don't like because they often get stuff like this right. I liked it better back when they just talked about leprechauns robbing banks or some shit. Brad and... read more

Is that someone famous?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie walked the red carpet at Cannes earlier today for the premiere of "Inglourious Basterds", the WWII movie written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, and as you might imagine the foreign press went insane. Which is cool because Pitt and Jolie... read more

brad pitt is cool

Brad Pitt is one of the most famous people on earth, but he went relatively unnoticed this weekend when he took his boys Maddox and Pax to Niagara Falls. Probably because it’s Brad Pitt, one of the most famous people on earth, and he’s wearing a little 2 dollar poncho... read more

angelia is pregnant

Star magazine will sometimes say just about anything but today they seem pretty confident with not one but two exclamation points in their headline that Angelina Jolie is pregnant again. Also there's a catfight over Rob."Yes, Angie is pregnant." A source close to the... read more

if only he really was doing this

Star magazine says today that John Mayer is considering a tell-all book about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston, where he’ll, um, you know, tell all. Including the time during sex when ... when ... wait for it ... she called him “Brad”. Star, go:...what embarrassing... read more

brad is banging the nanny. maybe.

The cover story for today’s Star magazine claims that Angelina Jolie caught her lover Brad Pitt makin the moves on a “pretty young nanny.” He was allegedly rubbing her back, which several of my girlfriends swear is what people mean when they say “third base”. This nanny... read more

guess who gets mentioned here

This is the first I’ve heard of it, but apparently Jennifer Aniston used to be married to Brad Pitt. Elle magazine somehow got Jenn to open up about those days for their latest issue, probably by using some kind of torture. "I don't owe anybody anything. I don't owe... read more

jennifer aniston still loves brad

The big predicted showdown between Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars never really happened, except in Jenifer Aniston’s mind of course. I can’t even tell at this point if Angelina even knows who Aniston is. OK magazine says...??"Jen couldn't have cared... read more

angelina wants a $20m diamond

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and much has been made of the fact that both Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston will be on the red carpet. I have no idea why. Angelina is a massive global movie star and the best looking woman on earth. Aniston is a fug bore who used... read more

will smith is number one

Forbes magazine has named Will Smith the most bankable star in Hollywood after an industry survey asking what actors can most easily attract financing, theatrical distribution, and an audience. Angelina Jolie tied for second on the list, and was one of only three women in... read more

this isnt helping

Jennifer Aniston is a lunatic. Her obsession with Brad Pitt is well documented, even though they broke up 4 GD years ago. But surely she’s stopped talking about it by now, right? I'm joking of course. Of course she hasn’t stopped talking about, as you can see in this... read more

this dress is on backwards

Us magazine has gotten confirmation on something that has been talked about since Sunday night, namely that Angelina Jolie went to the SAG Awards with her dress on backwards. Why would she do this? Because Angelina Jolie is charmingly insane, that’s why. Blogs have been... read more