Nick Cannon Renaissance Man

Nick Cannonposted an Instagram shot of his shoe closet in response to Chris Brown having shown off his super interesting closet weeks prior.This is like an old fashioned duel, if the guys were pansies more into fashionthan pistols. Dudes used to care about whiskey and... read more

Two-Faced Chris Brown And Shit Around The Web

Woman beater Chris Brown got a tattoo on his head of an ancient Greek statue for some reason. I hope he doesn't get mad at the woman on his head and beat the shit out of her. See his latest stupid tattoo. (TMZ) Costa Rican señorita Juliana Herz shows off her chichis. (... read more

Chris Brown Held Hostage, Day Who Gives a Fuck

The Philippines are holding Chris Brown in lock down in Manilla because he fucked over a powerful church group by ditching out on a planned concert this past New Year's Eve. According to the Church and Christ group, they fronted Brown one million clams and Brown stiffed... read more

Chris Brown Hamstrung

Chris Brown has hired armed guards to protect his home from the Bloods he calls his friends who robbed his house after texting him to ask where he was at. Pictured above is his closet, proving he has a vast array of interests including shoes and lining up shoes. Police... read more

Chris Brown's House Robbed

Chris Brown's house was robbed while he was at an ESPY party paying tribute to Caitlyn Jenner's bronzed penis. The armed men forced themselves in andmadeBrown's auntwait inthe closet where he keeps his stash of alt porn. They stole some possessions from his house that... read more

Chris Brown Loves to Fight the Ladies and Shit Around the Web

If you're an ex-con based on beating your girlfriend, you should probably just stick to paid company moving forward. You definitely should not be out drinking with another ex-girlfriend looking for round two. You're not Mayweather. You're not getting paid. Chris Brown... read more

Karrueche Tran Tempts Fate

Karrueche Tran has been feuding on Instagram with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown because Brown is super tough on the Internet and his emojis elicit high fives from his gang banger buddies. Tran inserted model Tyson Beckfordonto her pageto use hishairlessman ass as a pawn... read more

Chris Brown Attracts Winners

Chris Brown returned to his home in Los Angeles from Vegas to find this 21 year old chick sleeping in his bed. Normally I'd say go for a quickie and send Goldilocks packing with a free iPod shuffle. A man's got to unwind from that drive and that beats beating off to the... read more

Chris Brown Tries Beating Up A Dude

Chris Brown got in a fightin Vegas while playing basketball in his hotel suite with some dude he most likely hired from the Washington Generals' minor league affiliate. Brown recently got off probation for beating the ever loving shit out of Rihanna and then smoking lots... read more

Chris Brown Blocks Chrissy Teigen On Twitter

That uneasy feeling you get when you realize Chris Brown has shut you out of his life. There's really no preparing for it. It hits you like a dirty hand of hot Chinese mustard to the lachrymal gland. You'll pretend you're just vulnerable from your period, but really... read more

Chris Brown's Stupid Baby Name And Shit Around The Web

Chris Brown named his new bastard baby, Royalty. It's a nice play on words given her regal breeding and the fact that she'll someday be utilizing her bio dad's music royalties to pay for her court ordered rehab. I'm holding back my puke until Chris Brown makes his first... read more

Chris Brown Has A Child, Karrueche Bails

Breaking the news to your long time girlfriend that you've been declared dad to some other chick's new baby is no simple task. You're going to want to find a nice public spot and make sure she's sober. Also, stretchyour rapper credit line at the jewelry store. Something... read more