sharon osbourne killed susan boyle (not literally)

Most celebrity interviews suck and no one ever says anything good because most celebrities are functional retards who only got where they are based on being pretty and you would smell hair burning if they ever had a thought. But put Sharon Osbourne in a studio with Opie and Anthony and Jim Norton, and in less than 2 minutes you'll get Sharon saying Susan Boyle looks like a "slapped ass", Norton comparing her hair to more

Victims should not be mocked

I suppose it's possible that Megan Fox will let you bang her in the ass before midnight tonight, but short of that the most awesome thing that will happen to you all day is when you hear Opie and Anthony (official site here) and the great Patrice O'Neal listen to a now very famous youtube video. This has astoundingly NSFW language, so keep that in mind if co-workers would object to the sounds of anal rape and then more


Yesterday Page Six of the New York Post said that a sex tape featuring Bam Margera and the fiancé of Gregg “Opie” Hughes from the Opie and Anthony radio show was all set to hit the internet. They said…THE sex-mad "Opie & Anthony" radio show is facing its own carnal comeuppance. Gregg "Opie" Hughes is said to be livid over an X-rated romp starring his stunning blond fiancée, known by her first name, Lindsay, and more