Amy Schumer And Seth Rogen Gay Beer

Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer are the same person just one has a dick and the other a highly glorified vagina. It's like how Elon Musk says we may all be living in a simulation. This is exhibit more

Seth Rogen's Hot Box And Shit Around The Web

Sony Pictures former chief Amy Pascal says she can't move into the offices previously occupied by Seth Rogen because the smell of weed is overpowering.It's possible she's confusing skunky pot smell with the stench of making the same mildlyfunny movie over and over again. Read, like, Seth's, like, response, man. (Huffington Post) It's Wednesday, here are some fine lady booties. (The Chive) Blanca Padilla is more

Fat Guys Pissed at American Sniper

I treat knee-jerk politicization like a girlfaces her period arriving on prom night. I cry and yell at random men in my household. Hollywood is consuming itself with reflexive spite because American Sniper did so well at the box office and it might glorify U.S. soldier heroics in Iraq. I saw the movie and I didn't see that. I could see young men seeing this movie and signing up I suppose. If they miss the parts more

The Interview Contending For Worst

The self-delighted Razzieshave shortlistedSeth Rogen and James Franco as Worst Actor and The Interview as Worst Pictureof 2014. As much as I love America I've yet to see The Interview. My queue is pretty backed up with All in the Family re-runs. There's no way it's the worst moviein any year Michael Bay is still making filmsand casting Mark Wahlberg in them. This seems far more like the Razzies jumping the more

Bow Down To The Probably Non-Existent Terrorists

James Rogen and Seth Franco cancelled all their media appearances for The Interview. I guess it's all fun and games until you figure maybe Virginia Tech. Or Sony forced their handbecause a Dead Franco is a serious insurance payoff. Not to be outdone Landmark Theaters cancelled the NYC premiere of the film, soon followed by other theater chains announcing they would no longer be showing the movie out of more

Sony Chief Pressures Seth Rogen

Kazuo Hirai, theChief Executive of Sony, ordered a part of The Interview where Kim Jong Un's head blows up to be toned down, even though he rarely if ever oversees the content of films. This came after the film was denounced by Un as 'terrorism', meaning Hirai just made America look like a pnsy bitch. Seth Rogen co-directed the film, and had to haggle particulars of what percentage of Un's hair could be on fire more

Rogen Says NFL Defends Dirtbags And Shit Around The Web

Former fatty Seth Rogen called the NFL on their shit by pointing out that they have harsher punishments for smoking weed than for beating a woman like Ray Rice did. Shame on us, America. It took a Canadian pothead to point out our hypocrisy in our preeminent sporting event. Read all of Seth's truth bombs. (Dlisted) Rita Rusic is 54 and looks better than your girlfriend in her bikini. (Egotastic) ¡Daniela Lopez more

Seth Rogen Pisses Off North Korea And Shit Around The Web

The North Koreans have their commie panties in a bunch about Seth Rogen and James Franco's latest shitty movie, The Interview. In the film the comedy duo assassinate North Korea's lesbian midget leader Kim Jong-Un. The North Koreans called the film an act of terrorism. For once I agree with them. Read all about the Korean threats against the fat guy from Knocked Up. (BroBible) Triumph the Insult Comic Dog poops more

Seth Rogen Called Justin Bieber 'A Piece Of Shit' (VIDEO)

Seth Rogen and Dave Franco were guests on a special edition of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live at SXSW on Wednesday night, and host Andy Cohen made sure to dig up Seth's distaste for the antics of douchebag dipshit singer Justin Bieber. Specifically, Andy asked Seth his opinion of Justin and he didn't hold back in letting us all know that he thinks the prince of pop and mop bucket pissing is an arrogant little more

Don't You Walk Out on Seth Rogen (VIDEO)

Let's concede the fact that Congressmen as a group are a swollen zit of incompetence, alcohol abuse, and petty ambition. Even the well-meaning Mr. Smiths quickly get assimilated into the polished turd of big dollar democracy. Largely a group of self-serving assholes. But even assholes don't deserve a lecture from Seth Rogen on the importance of sitting through his presentation. Seth was in the capital city on more

its the end of the world!!! (in this movie)

Seth Rogen and James Franco introduce todays red band trailer (meaning it has salty language) for ‘This Is The End', written and directed by Rogen and his partner (professional, not sexual) Evan Goldberg, by mentioning that the world is supposed to end today according to the Mayan calendar, but I'm not sure if that's true because this is the first I've heard of it. Why hasn't this been in the news!?! If more

Billy Crystal sucked, Seth Rogen was awesome

Movie award shows don't have to be boring and awful and tragically unfunny, Billy Crystal just makes it seem that way. Take the Independent Spirt Awards for example, which were held in Santa Monica on Saturday and hosted by Seth Rogen. The video above has Crystals entire monologue from the Oscars last night and then a few examples from Rogen. As you can see, a Billy Crystal joke follows a simple two-step formula: more

Tuesday afternoon headlines

CONAN O'BRIEN - brought in 4.2 million viewers last night for the premiere of his TBS show, easily defeating Leno (3.5 million) and Letterman (3.4 million). And he showed how they plan to keep using old characters like the Masturbating Bear while getting around NBC's intellectual property right claims. When it comes to apex predators wacking off, accept no substitutes. (deadline) SETH ROGEN - says he was more