Anne Hathaway Cried at the Gym

Tales of crying at the gym are the female equivalent of men happening to bring up high school sports stories in their primal drum circles. Largely invented myths that bond the genders. If you're a celebrity trying to recast your public persona and never cried at the gym, your press agent will set you up with a decent more

Kourtney Kardashian Getting Kind of Old For This Shit

A thirty-seven year old mom of three fronting a Vegas nightclub in a leather bra isn't necessarily depressing. Not when she's taking home $50,000 for her troubles. More cringe worthy when she's pocketing three hundred bucks and a subjugating fingering from the club owner. Money makes the more

Not Your Father's Forever 21

Forever 21 is famous for ripping off fashion designers and producing their same trending crap at cheap prices for girls who imagine themselves Zooey Deschanel. They're also known for their born-again Christian immigrant owners who turned discount fashion into a four billion dollar personal net more

A Tiny Fraction of Frozen Fans Demand a Lesbo Elsa

The Internet age has turned every news outlet into Star magazine. Space Aliens Fucking Michelle Obama or Frozen Fans Demand Elsa Get a Girlfriend. It's all the same level of veracity. People magazine and Entertainment Weekly and MTV carried the torch for a story about how Frozen fans are demanding that Elsa the princess from Frozen identify as a lesbian in the planned more

Elijah Wood Glad He Wasn't Molested

Elijah Wood began modeling at age four and acting at eight, so the fact he escaped childhood without Bryan Singer's dick in his mouth constitutes a minor miracle. Hollywood types catch a lot of flack for being preachy about their various liberal causes such as making sure starving children don't wear more

Justin Bieber Unaware Of His Role

Justin Bieber appears to be coming to the Derek Zoolander-esque realization that what he does lacks substance. Bieber often struggles in his live performances which is a natural result of being marginally talented and recording shitty music. In searching for validation it's tough to admit you're a pawn supplying fleeting filler bullshit so corporations can run ads for more

Tess Holliday Explodes and Donald Trump Cockmaster Legacy on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #46 (AUDIO)

On this week's show we cover the all important matters of Chris Brown's baby mama whore-imaging their toddler daughter, Donald Trump being lynched for having a dick, Tess Holiday being the most morbidly obese naked pregnant fat health person on the planet, and an expose on how exactly women can end the fake gender pay gap tomorrow. It's rousing, if not entirely more

Gay Men's Chorus Dicked Over (VIDEO)

The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus got fucked over at the Padres game over the weekend when the dude in the booth played a pre-recorded National Anthem over the Chorus assembled on the outfield grass to sing their hearts out. The Chorus leader implied that the slight was not only intentional, but that playing the canned female version of the Anthem was an obvious insult to their Gay Men's Chorus more

Heidi Klum Goes Topless And Shit Around The Web

Heidi Klum is past her peak, it's true, but I still like seeing her naked. Maybe it's a nostalgia thing for when I used to wait for the Victoria's Secret catalog to come in the dark days before the more

HuffPo Proudly Discriminates

In case you're horrible at guessing the names of Executive Editors at feminist led news outlets, it's always Liz. Liz Heron at the Huffington Post, which serves as a daily digest of what's important to liberal leaning college educated white women, posted a photo of her editorial staff meeting to Twitter to highlight the diversity of the leaders in progressive thought at the online Time Warner owned more

Ciara Tits Win Every Billboard Award

The Billboard Music Awards serve as a reminder that erhu plucked tunes over Chinese restaurant intercoms is not the world's most annoying music. Teenaged girls like super shitty music. Followed closely by teenaged boys trying to get laid by teenaged more

Chris Brown's Baby Mama Whoring Up the Baby

Chris Brown took exception with the mother of his daughter posing two year old Royalty for a Junior Beaver Hunt submission. It’s crazy to me that a parent would OK dressing our daughter like she 16. I ain’t cool wit that. SHE IS 2!!!! It's possible Brown meant eighteen for flashing full vagina. Or never, you know, if she's your more

Lindsay Lohan Swimsuit On A Yacht

Lindsay Lohan credits her new underaged Russian boyfriend with everything from inspiring her to get back into acting to eradicating her herpes with Stoli shooters and Eastern black magic. Less credited is his willingness to front recreational drug money and stay mum on how Lohan's several years past going braless on a moving more

Victoria Silvstedt Swimsuit Trolling At Eden Roc

Every mid-May Victoria Silvstedt pushes pudding into the mouth of her older fat French benefactor by the Eden Roc hotel pool while keeping her eyes out for her next human IRA. At forty-one, Silvstedt is the Bartolo Colon of gold digging. If you wanted to blast a load in Bartolo Colon's bottom, snap a keepsake, and start a new life under the name Claude in the former Eastern more

Jared Leto Fairly Badass

Jared Leto might be an androgynous Scientologist drone who sees dead people but at least he can fucking do something. That's him in the front climbing a cliff in Yosemite. Being sober definitely has its benefits. If your lifestyle affords it, imagine how braindead and enticed by shiny objects you have to be to spend your days looking at shoes on more