Sarah Jessica Parker Combing Through Trash

Sarah Jessica Parker found a filthy discarded sink on the side of a New York Citystreet and took it home with her. It's something women who spend a shit ton of money on consumer goods and Bolivian natural pap smears do on occasion to pretend they're artsy and whimsical.Parker ismarried to eternallypre-pubescent MatthewBroderick. He can't feel good about his wife lugging a trashedkitchen basin into their more

Leonardo DiCaprio Saves the Planet, Fucks a Few Chicks, Takes a Nap

Nobody's garnered as much pussy from environmental concerns as Leonardo DiCaprio. He's a tail machine. Whatever he's doing at any given moment, the gears are turning about how it will translate into attractive 22-year old girl pussy. Watch for the boner in the bear scene in Revenant. He knew that was going to get him laid by the finest women in Europe ten times over. Over the weekend DiCaprio gave a speech before more

Lil Kim Is Busted Looking And Shit Around The Web

I remember back when Lil Kim was, if not hot, then definitely fuckable. With 15 condoms on, but still. Now she's looking not unlike a grey version of the Toxic Avenger. Behold the horror. (COED) Pretty boy Zac Efron eats it while doing the Baywatch run. (TMZ) Mariana Castillo gets naked in Playboy Mexico. (Egotastic All-Stars) Alessandra Ambrosio's legs are miraculous. (Egotastic) The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders do more

Bella Thorne Fake Boobs Are Really Successful

Whatever breast tissue Ariel Winter discarded into the red medical waste bag this chick's parents purchased, packed, and stuffed into their little girl doll to make her more profitable. Now she's starring in four to seventeen movies taking YouTube and Vine stars and putting them into movies scripted by millennial writers who don't charge a lot. Girls under the age of married no longer go to the theater. more

Ariel Winter in A Bikini Top at Coachella

Sometimes a girl just needs a breast reduction surgery to feel good about herself. Ariel Winter smartly left herself a healthy dose of future employment and wealthy older husband girth. Ever since declaring her feminist body shaming independence at eighteen, Ariel Winter has done nothing but wear revealing outfits in public. The classic conflict between bitter girl and girl who wants all the guys to notice her more

Blac Chyna Got Her Lambo

The Kardashians are fond of buying six-figure sports cars for the despondent souls they're fucking. Blac Chyna got hers. A purple Lamborghini for rimming Still Fat Rob Kardashian. Don't call this one unearned. The diabetic son hasn't earned like his sisters, but a couple million from E! and minus eleven dollars from his signature designer sock line made the Lambo buy for his Yoko Onoa no-brainer. His sad face more

Ted Cruz Lookalike To Do Porn

Searcy Hayes rocketed to fame the old fashioned way, resembling an obese version of Ted Cruz in drag. Hayes took a Papa John's gift certificate booklet to appear on the Maury Povich Show and confront her boyfriend with paternity paperwork. You'd think that being the only guy in town willing to fuck XXL Ted Cruz without protection would dispel the need for a big DNA test reveal. It was never down to you and more

Battle Gunt Sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

The Kardashians may be the first set of public figures who can receive a gynecological exam on the fly. Super tight stretch pants yanked up over artificially inflated fuck areas provide a view of the pubis formerly the realm of obese homeless in cut off sweat pants. Surprised cries of 'Your mulatto baby is crowning' are the new 'you look adorable'. You can't cum hard enough to knock them over. It's a carny more

Caitlyn Jenner Has Thought On Where She Might Shit

LGBT hero and occasional murderer Caitlyn Jenner has thrown her hat in the tranny toilet ring, imploring politicians in states with new bathroom restrictions to be more open-minded. This despite Jenner's many decades of GOP dedication. Jenner understand that letting former male Olympic gold medalistsdrop a deucein the ladies room isn't going to increase the odds of sexual assaults upon women and girls. Rapists aren' more

Prince Is Dead and Dax Shepard Is Cock Fondled on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #42 (AUDIO)

The entire show this week was thrown into upheaval when Prince died. Like every other media outlet we moved immediately to endless coverage of people who barely knew Prince providing insight into the tiny man's life. Like not knowing how he died, who he was with, or his real name. But everyone agreed in the end that his premature death was a tragedy without being able to explain why. Matt and I pantomimed more

Kanye West Porn Habits Are Bizarre And Shit Around The Web

Kanye West likes himself some anime tentacle porn. It's nice that at least one man still thinks about his wife while he's getting off. Fuck you, they're not all gems. Read all about his wank habits. (The Superficial) Vita Sidorkina is topless for your viewing pleasure. (Egotastic All-Stars) Mariah Carey wants you to look at her cleavage. (Egotastic) Prince had a drug overdose just days before he died...hmm. (TMZ) more

Jessica Alba Flirts With Uncle Sam

Jessica Alba invited the U.S. Commerce Secretary to visit her kid care products company where they sell all natural U.S. organic healthy products made in under inspected battery acid storage plants in Guangdong. The Cabinet Secretary showed up because middle aged civil servants love a free meal and a celebrity photo posted to an Instagram account with 7.6 million followers. Alba and her partners are concerned that more

Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt Have Perfect Tits They No Longer Show (Pimping Mr. Skin)

Every actress quits doing topless scenes when it feels right to them. About a million bucks into their cumulative career earnings feels about right. They're willing to consider topless if the part calls for it. That's another two million. It's Hollywood way of ensuring you only see tits onscreenthat are under thirty. Forty year old tits aren't bad, but they're not thirty year old tits by about ten years. In more

Frenchy Morgan And Gabi Grecko in Thongs With Candy

Could be somebody had a hundred bucks in their pocket and a pedo-endearing photo shoot idea that looked good on paper. We didn't deal with this French chick who's come to America to take our reality show public attention whoring jobs, now she's multiplying. That other chick just married an elderly rich Australian. None of this makes sense in a nation where we fund Homeland Security to the tune of sixty billion. more

Phoebe Price Plays Baseball In A Bikini

Finding out what's under this chick's hats is going to be the source of many Halloween night dares among neighborhood boys. The kid who thought he was tough will be shitting his shorts when her heads comes off with the hat and North Koreans stream out of her neck. No matter how many revealing positions Phoebe Price assumes ten minute after alerting the low totem paparazzi, she's always got on one giant pair more