Alexis Ren Wearing Only An Arm Bra And Shit Around The Web

Alexis Ren wears nothing but her arms and a smile. She really should be our next President. She's a woman which seems to be the precise qualification. Also, men don't loathe this one. read more

Charlize Theron Struggling With Her Outer Beauty

Charlize Theron hasn't won many friends with her repeated social activist cries that hot women in cinema have trouble finding work. You can't even with among other hot women with that strategy. read more

Little Mix Don't Mind the Bollocks

Little Mix is a tightly cast X-Factor group formed in order to give Simon Cowell a boner and earn themselves a recording contract. It worked. Much to the chagrin of less obviously comely girls with amazing voices waiting for Adele to pass so they can take that one spot. read more

Tallulah Willis Maybe A Mrs.

People not her substance abuse counselors who track Tallulah Willis are certain she's gone off and married her boyfriend of a couple months. He strums the guitar, so officially he does one thing more than his new wife. read more

The Derrick Rose Case That Shouldn't Have Been

Derrick Rose was socially promoted as far as need be to get his basketball talents into the NBA. If he didn't have tens of millions in the bank we'd label him a functional retard and guilty pale people would vote him just enough welfare to keep him on cigarettes and... read more

Lindsey Pelas Climbing

The line of succession of blond women with enormous bikini jugs in Hollywood is starting to settle. The behind the scenes Tudor era realpolitik largely unseen by the general audience content to splash one out to the winner. Kate Upton's departure from the big jugs and big... read more

Pamela Anderson Might've Killed WikiLeaks

Pamela Anderson was a busy beaver in London. In the morning she posted protest letters to the new British Prime Minister urging her to prohibit elephants from being used in circuses. In the afternoon, she brought a vegan lunch to Julian Assange in the Ecuadoran embassy... read more

Azealia Banks Should Be Taken Out Behind The Barn

Azalea Banks has filed a police report after Russell Crowe grabbed her and threw her out of his hotel room because she belligerently threatened to stab some of his friends with a broken wine glass. Crowe and the RZA are friends who have worked on movies together. He had a... read more

DiCaprio Attacked by Environmentalists, How the Worm Turns

A Swiss rainforest charity has turned on Leonardo DiCaprio whose Wolf of Wall Street movie was funded in good part from money siphoned from a corrupt Malaysian financial fund currently under DoJ investigation. read more

Lindsey Pelas Funbags Are On Point And Shit Around The Web

Lindsey Pelas' cleavage will put your eyes out. Before Trump, we never talked this way about women with big tits. Shame on you, Donald. read more

This One's on You, Dumbass Amy Schumer Concert Goers (VIDEO)

During her performance in Tampa over the weekend, Amy Schumer announced that her raunchy sex jokes were going to stop for five minutes to save the world with political rants. You don't necessarily see the political segue coming from a girl stringing along cum jokes. read more

Natalie Jayne Roser Into The Only Upside of Halloween

It's hard to pinpoint the moment at which a holiday for seven year old's in cute costumes asking for candy became a ballyhooed event for adults to play dress up and get sloppy drunk. You could do worse than betting the time the first woman discovered slutty nurse costumes... read more