Two Boring Forgettable People Divorce

Fergie and Josh Duhamel have called it quits after eight years of marriage. The union never really seemed like it would work. And, it didn't. Fergie is best known for playing the titular Beast in Beauty and the Beast and Duhamel is that guy who was in that thing. While... read more

Darryl Strawberry Says God Saved Him From Cocaine

I hope God is getting a royalty check from all of these rehab places using the power of his name to help recovering crack addicts. Darryl Strawberry is from an era where black men in sports weren't afraid of being a little eccentric. read more

Barely Clothed Baristas Fight For Freedom To Still Fill Your Cup

Every man in America has a boner before breakfast and if you happen to live in Washington it's probably because of the coffee. But the last situation I want to see at seven a.m. is a woman with more mustache than me seductively handover my handcrafted microbrew.  read more

Open Post: WTF Is Going On With Fashion

A bunch of corpses from the 90's and Bella Hadid huddle together for warmth in a photo for Alexander Wang's new ad campaign. I don't know which is more surprising - the fact that they let Hadid pretend to be a real model or the fact that she looks practically... read more

Jennifer Aniston's Cleavage Misses Brad Pitt Too and Shit Around the Web

Sommer Ray, Demi Lovato, Antonio Banderas co-stars nude, and more! read more

Jamie King Sticks Up for Skinny Chicks

In regards to fashion, the world falls into two groups from now on. There are those that love watching fat women frolic in Fruit of the Loom underwear. And those that don't.  read more

Disqus Assisting in Toxic Speech Censorship

Disqus, the leading third party provider of blog commenting systems you see omnipresent on the Internet, has added a "toxicity" feature that will allow site owners to censor comments based upon an AI learned speech or content pattern the site owner finds "toxic" to... read more

Sharon Osbourne Pulls Kim K's Ho Card

Half of the young female "celebrities" today hide behind feminism. They don't really care about women's rights, they just want the right to expunge their slut phase college days as they move on to their middle-aged minivan soccer mom lives awaiting on the horizon.  read more

Kate Hudson In Heap Of Trouble With C-Section Social Media Soldiers

Women have been arguing since the day humans developed the concept of what an opposing opinion is. The internet has done nothing but empower and embolden the bloodthirsty beast that is known as a collective group of angry women upset over any given topic. read more

Jessica Biel Ripping Off Her Wait Staff

Everybody loves Jessica Biel, save for her wait staff who are suing the shit and out of her and her wealthy partner owners for stiffing them on private party gratuities.  read more

Lifelike Bella Hadid Defends Female Pap Against Her Own Bodyguard (VIDEO)

Balla Hadid must have gotten a Japanese sex robot upgrade recently, because she displayed remarkably humanoid characteristics while defending a member of the paparazzi against her own bodyguard. Science. Wild stuff. The supermodel sensation was leaving the Michael Kors... read more

YouTube Domestic Abuse Dad Gets Slap On Wrist Sentencing

YouTube is such a sketchy place sometimes. It can quickly go from tutorials on how to fix a dryer belt to how to mentally abuse your offspring until they become murderers later on in life within a few clicks.  read more