Lady Gaga Presents Tits At Tony Bennett's 90th Birthday

Ninety seems right about the age when you could give a shit about a woman's looks and stare at the bare titties she's showing off through her dress. All other ages work equally as well. read more

Black Lives Matters Blasts Gay Pride in Canadian Battle Royale

When nobody was looking over the summer, the Toronto Gay Pride parade was shut down for half-an-hour by a Black Lives Matters protest group that blocked the parade route. Being Canada, the BLM protestors were merely slightly less white than the super white gay people... read more

Cory Feldman Butt Hurt (VIDEO)

Cory Feldman is well on his way to becoming the next Charlie Sheen. Yes, including the AIDS. He has a sex harem of weird whores and is clearly having a very public mental breakdown read more

Derrick Rose Accuser Must Reveal Identity

A woman who has a long history of involvement with Derrick Rose is accusing him and two of his friends of breaking into her apartment and gang raping her after a night of partying. His camp says she's extorting him. read more

Anastasiya Scheglova Break Out

Anastasiya Scheglova is the last Russian left behind. Like the Hobbit not invited into Valinor. The ship's gone and your stuck in the former Soviet Union. How the fuck did that happen? read more

Lyssa Roberts Booty In A Thong Swimsuit And Shit Around The Web

Hottie Lyssa Roberts ass looks amazing in thong swimsuit. How she looks out of them is up to you and your ability to buy a sweet car and host killer parties with the better cocaine. read more

The Game Announces Which Kardashians He Fucked

If you had Bruce Jenner in the cum pool of Kardashians the rapper The Game claims to have fucked, you lost. I just tore up my brackets. The Game recently sent people who didn't know The Kardashians were a huge whoring family into a tizzy when he rapped on a DJ Khaled... read more

Bella Hadid Blocking the Good Shit

Model Bella Hadid is known for her trademarked intense stare. It's unclear if you can actually trademark an intense stare or not. MMA fighters are going to be pissed if they have to change up their weigh-in ceremony looks for fear of IP lawsuit. read more

Kendall Jenner Pisses Off the Ballerinas

Among the many categories of tiny people you don't want to mess with, ballerinas. Broken women with broken feet and mentally disturbed mothers. They take their craft and the price they paid to achieve standing effortlessly on their fractured toes rather seriously. read more

Courtney Stodden Makes Chick Gay Look Super Unappealing

Sexual fluidity has really taken hold of desperately seeking attention D-list celebrities. An old-fashioned forced girl on girl kiss among cheerleaders at a high school party used to be the sum of these expressions. read more

Goodell Speaks Words

Known for consistently making the wrong decisions at the wrong times yet still taking home a $34 million annual paycheck, Roger Goodell finally issued a vanilla statement on the controversy surrounding NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem. Goodell worked... read more

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Divorce

It's a miracle it lasted this long. She appears to be completely insane and keeps removing her body parts. He seems like a not so bright pothead. You don't have to get married just because people think it would be kind of cool. read more