Scarlett Byrne Nude Model Feminist

Scarlett Byrne will be appearing in the upcoming issue of Playboy, which will correct Hugh Hefner's idiot son's short lived idea to have all the models pose in clothing from Target. Byrne has done some of the Harry Potter movies, probably based on her good looks and not... read more

Draya Michele Heats Up Thailand And Shit Around The Web

Draya Michele goes on a bikini adventure in sunny Thailand. She's got quite a body. Do they make a pill yet that renders you unable to speak for a decade? I can see marriage in our future. read more

SI Swimsuit Editor Goes Full Hypocrisy in Bikini (VIDEO)

Pornhub and SI are in the same business of cheap thrills. Pornhub apologizes far less, making them the more honest purveyor of spooge material. read more

Whoopi Rides to the Rescue

Whoopi Goldberg isn't a bad person. She's simply annoying as fuck. The distinction is in the details. The rich and vacuous mavens of fashion at the big New York events this week were proudly shunning Tiffany Trump during her attendance at various designer shows. read more

A Day Without Immigrants Is Today, As It Turns Out

You can't blame strategists for swapping the word "immigrant" in the place of "illegal immigrants" when seeking to shape public debate. If you're the badminton team on campus and budget cuts are threatening your shuttlecock supply, you pen a letter to the papers noting... read more

Carlos Santana Questions Beyonce's Musical Talent

The best part about getting old is saying whatever the fuck you want. Young rebels claim this stance, but they invariably come off looking like angry assholes. It'sold coots who frankly don't give a shit anymore who lay claim to divine oracle status. read more

Phoebe Price's Tit Fell Out, Again

Phoebe Price has been wearing that bald spot covering hat and funky outfits designed to have her lady parts fall out since people believed the world's computers would shut down on 1/1/2000. Had the mainframesshut down, maybe she would've gone into another line of work.... read more

Karlie Kloss Apologizes For Yellow Face

Supermodel Karlie Kloss apologized for appearingin Vogue's Diversity Issuewearing a kimono, a Geisha outfit, and dressing as a Sumo wrestler. She was immediately and predictably lambasted for participating in cultural appropriation. This has to be trolling. read more

Amanda Knox Gay For The Stay

Amanda Knox seems too crazy to be presumed innocent of murder. She has that look in her eyes. Her boyfriend is a pseudo intellectual hipster doofus. She was also a real hell kitten in the sack. read more

Chick Assassins Take Out Kim Jong-Un's Brother And Shit Around The Web

Doan Thi Houng nailed the Great Leader's rogue brother with poison chemical spray at a Malaysian Airport. Sinister trained female assassin shit. Kim Jong-Un has got the Bond villain playbook down cold. read more

Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart Seem Happy

Lesbians aren't so different from you and me. Or not so different at all if you're also a lesbian. Kristen Stewart became a lesbian a couple years ago when she looked in her closet and decided she was mostly there. She's transitioned easily into the butch role as she's... read more

Lindsay Lohan Backs Trump and Islam

Lindsay Lohan comes from with a message of peace. Allahu Akbar. Lohan's been studying the sacred text as she Lord Jim's her way ever Eastward escaping humiliating events and landlords of her past. read more