Alex Rodriguez Is a Real Man of the People

By Lex October 21, 2013 @ 1:36 PM

Alex Rodriguez Signs Autographs For Fans Protesting Outside The MLB Commissioner's Office
The whole innocent until proven guilty meme is really meant for shaky murder cases and dudes who get slapped with sex offender charges for not wanting to stand in line at stadium urinals. But there are loyalist twits who will vociferously defend just about any accused. Like the dolts lined up outside the MLB Commissioner’s office in N.Y. supporting A-Rod in his 211-game suspension appeal. They seem to be mostly Dominican nationals and the socially retarded who feel that A-Rod deserves justice. I suppose justice means he should be allowed to cheat because you have some weird emotional connection to a man who doesn’t give a shit about you. Just like Michael Jackson should’ve been allowed to fondle boys’ penises because he made Thriller. Or you think your hooker is a special soul because she told you she really likes you as a person. Bud Selig is the king of all jackasses, A-Rod is a tool. You can root for the meteor, but you can’t carry dumbass signs calling A-Rod a victim just because your Occupy protest disbanded.
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Everybody Hates A-Rod (VIDEO)

By Lex August 19, 2013 @ 8:40 AM

Everybody in baseball wants to see the A-Rod exit as fast as fucking possible. The longer he lingers, the more they’re going to keep throwing shit at him and making up stories about what a total dick he is. Like saying he leaked evidence on fellow ball players. He probably didn’t, but once you’re labeled the high school slut, the kids in Social Science are going to be swapping tales about you pulling a train on the varsity basketball squad. I suppose somebody can find some honor in A-Rod’s appeal and continuing to play despite the fact that everyone knows he’s dirty. Maybe one of those DTF wrestling divas that seem to dig him still. There’s no way he’s getting A-list Hollywood trim again. That door has been closed. He’s going to have to settle for his $350 million in career earnings and big bootied Latin models. Not such a bad backup plan .

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Alex Rodriguez Wants to Be a Role Model

By Lex July 31, 2013 @ 10:21 AM

You find role models in the most unusual places. The grocery store clerk who looks the other way as a hungry child steals an apple. The prostitute who lets a war veteran slide on a handy for the good of nation. And Alex Rodriguez, who won’t let the distraction of all the ‘noise’ surrounding his certain suspensions for doping get to him:

“Look, it’s concerning. I have two daughters at home, and I’m sensitive to that, and above all, I want to be a role model, continue to be a role model — especially to my girls.”

A-Rod puts too much pressure on himself. As if dumping his wife and banging scores of models wasn’t a good enough example to his girls. What else can you expect the man to do, get a hit in October? He’s just a man.

the definitive Alex Rodriguez picture

By brendon January 10, 2012 @ 2:02 PM


The reason people think Alex Rodriguez is gay because he does things like spend the day working on his tan with his manly looking girlfriend and a little dog with a pink bow in it’s hair.

There’s no follow up point to this by the way, I’m just explaining why people think Alex Rodriguez is gay.

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Alex Rodriguez really has a type, part 2

By brendon November 18, 2011 @ 10:49 AM


Alex Rodriguez had a little get together at his mansion in Miami yesterday, and, no doubt by sheer coincidence, everygirlthere looked like a gladiator. Just like every other girl he’s ever hung out with. Oh but he’s not gay. He just likes shopping and waxing and having sex with people who have big muscles. And one time he asked the Yankees team doctor if a guy can get pregnant if a girl fucks him with a strap-on. “Because I can not afford to get pregnant right now,” he added.

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Alex Rodriguez really has a type

By brendon October 14, 2011 @ 10:56 AM


So, to recap, Alex Rodriguez divorced his wife, who looked like this, to date Madonna, who looked like this, then Cameron Diaz, who looked like this. And now he dates this girl, a model named Ella Magers.

As a society, are we still pretending we don’t have any high profile gay athletes? How much more clear does Rodriguez need to make it? Anyone who dates Madonna clearly doesn’t like women. Sex with her would be like a challenge from Fear Factor.

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