A-Rod and J.Lo Meet Cute Story Will Melt Your Heart

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are both divorced parents in their 40's who've found they like banging each other the thrice a month they get together in the same city. That should be enough. If only it were enough. read more

J-Lo Introduces A-Rod To Mother

Jennifer Lopez, 47, and Alex Rodriguez, 41, have officially taken their middle-aged romance to the next level. The former pop star introduced the disgraced baseball player to her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez.  read more

J-Lo and A-Rod An Item

Fresh off her publicity concocted romance with Drake, Jennifer Lopez is reportedly humping Alex Rodriguez. Whatever keeps you in the news. The two have a lot in common. First off, they have the same face. read more

A-Rod Dating Google Founder's Old Lady

Alex Rodriguez is dating Anne Wojcicki, the ex-wife of super rich Sergey Brin who founded Google. She got more than a handshake upon departure. She also runs that 23 and Me genetics company that for a pouch of gold coins allows white and black people to discover that... read more

Alex Rodriguez Seems Authentic

Right after his steroid supplier was sentenced to prison, Alex Rodriguez issued an apology to the fans which he wrote out by hand possibly while shaving or having sex with a WWE Diva, or both. I remember in high school some of the teachers demanded work be typed. Maybe... read more

Nobody Likes Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez' ex WWE diva girlfriend of three years has broken up with him, reportedly because he's afraid of commitment but coincidentally his career is basically over and he's the most hated man in New York since Bin Laden. She's probably heard the gay rumors she... read more

Alex Rodriguez Is a Real Man of the People

The whole innocent until proven guilty meme is really meant for shaky murder cases and dudes who get slapped with sex offender charges for not wanting to stand in line at stadium urinals. But there are loyalist twits who will vociferously defend just about any accused.... read more

Everybody Hates A-Rod (VIDEO)

Everybody in baseball wants to see the A-Rod exit as fast as fucking possible. The longer he lingers, the more they're going to keep throwing shit at him and making up stories about what a total dick he is. Like saying he leaked evidence on fellow ball players. He... read more

Alex Rodriguez Wants to Be a Role Model

You find role models in the most unusual places. The grocery store clerk who looks the other way as a hungry child steals an apple. The prostitute who lets a war veteran slide on a handy for the good of nation. And Alex Rodriguez, who won't let the distraction of all the... read more

the definitive Alex Rodriguez picture

The reason people think Alex Rodriguez is gay because he does things like spend the day working on his tan with his manly looking girlfriend and a little dog with a pink bow in it's hair. There's no follow up point to this by the way, I'm just explaining why people think... read more

Alex Rodriguez really has a type, part 2

Alex Rodriguez had a little get together at his mansion in Miami yesterday, and, no doubt by sheer coincidence, every - girl - there looked like a gladiator. Just like every other girl he's ever hung out with. Oh but he's not gay. He just likes shopping and waxing and... read more

Alex Rodriguez really has a type

So, to recap, Alex Rodriguez divorced his wife, who looked like this, to date Madonna, who looked like this, then Cameron Diaz, who looked like this. And now he dates this girl, a model named Ella Magers. As a society, are we still pretending we don't have any high... read more