Rihanna might be lost

My brother and I spent the summer in Ireland one time, and the thing I remember most was we went to this Chinese restaurant in Belfast and the Chinese guy had an Irish accent. It blew my fucking mind. He was Chinese. But he sounded Irish. He had to think I was... read more

Britney caused an international incident

Britney Spears is in trouble with the government of a borough just outside London for her "lawlessness and weapon-wielding", though I feel it's important to note that in this case what that means is she was filming a video with pretend guns against an imaginary bank. The... read more

um, hey there Ashley Greene

I have no idea what iHeartRadio is, or what the iHeartRadio Music Festival was, but it was in Vegas this weekend at the MGM, and they had Ashley Greene in a magic dress that made her boobs quadruple in size. Is there a festival for those dresses. Because I would be way... read more

January Jones still wont name the father

January Jones has yet to name the father of her new born son, and if you thought seeing the birth certificate would end the mystery, you look like quite the fool right now. Because she left that part blank. So either she's the perfect girl to have an affair with, or this... read more

Catwoman is now more literal

'The Dark Knight Rises' filmed some more scenes out in public this weekend, including some with Anne Hathaway in her full Catwoman outfit, complete with little kitty ears. So part of Christopher Nolans "realistic" Batman world now includes villains who but their outfit... read more

Ashlee Simpson is in a bikini

Ashlee Simpson and her skinny friend with big tits went down to Los Cabos, Mexico, this weekend, and… damn. Ashlee's ass is terrific. Who ever would have guessed that she'd end up being the hot Simpson sister. But then, of course, her dad was there too, creepily eyeing... read more

Gisele Bundchen is a natural beauty

Here are some pictures of Gisele Bundchen leaving a tai chi class in Boston this morning, so now you can say, "hey you'll never guess who I saw today? Gisele Bundchen, and in real life without makeup she looks like hell." And as long as the person you're talking to... read more

Sandra Bullock looks pretty good

Sandra Bullock is 47, and worth hundreds of millions of dollars. This has to be filtered through that, but she left a gym in West Hollywood today and looked pretty terrific. So I never would have thought I'd have sex with a girl almost 50, but here we are. (image source... read more

Kim Delaney is a drunk

Kim Delaney is the star of ‘Army Wives', which, unbeknownst to me, is a TV show that exists, so I guess that's why she gave a speech last night at the Liberty Media awards honoring former defense secretary Robert Gates. And since that sounds boring to someone like Kim,... read more

Vanessa Hudgens makes gas stations hot

Vanessa Hudgens wore some knee high boots and daisy dukes at a gas station in LA yesterday, because LA is very sexy and the pressure to look good is unrelenting. Compare this to somewhere like Alabama, where people make no effort to look attractive even when they're... read more

Halle Berry needs more help

Halle Berry broke her foot two days ago in Spain while filming a movie called ‘Cloud Atlas', and today she boarded a private jet to come back to America. I was really hoping she would have used that wheel chair they brought for her so I could call her bitchy names but... read more

Angelina and Pax took a flying lesson

Angelina Jolie and her son Pax took a flying lesson In Hampshire, England today (though I'm sure Jennifer Aniston was doing something just as interesting). Wait, isn't Pax the Vietnamese one? His willage tried to kill my dad, I'm not so sure we should be teaching them... read more