T.J. Lavin is in a coma

T.J Lavin, the BMX star and popular commentator who has hosted ten seasons of "The Challenge" on MTV, is in a medically induced coma today after crashing during qualifying at the Dew Tour Championships last night in Las Vegas. ESPN says... (Lavin) is currently in... read more

more horrific Rihanna abuse pictures are for sale

As everyone knows, the picture in the headline is Rihanna on February 8, 2009, a few hours after she was riding home from the Grammys with her boyfriend Chris Brown. He got a text from a girl, they had a fight, and he... "shoved her head against the passenger window…... read more

Thursday afternoon headlines

KIM KARDASHIAN - was naked in silver paint earlier this week, and some UHQ scans have finally made it online. I wonder how they got the paint so deep into her ass, because, it is all the way in there. Did someone have to stand there and hold her ass apart? It's almost... read more

Is this Real Snooki or South Park Snooki

Snooki was on 'Live with Regis and Kelly' this morning, and it's no wonder she wasn't mad about 'South Park' last night. They actually might have made a few things better. "Havin a tail like dat wood be pretty cool, cause den deez gahhbage bitches could tell when I'm... read more

Christina Aguilera and her stupid kid got a pumpkin

Christina Aguilera used to be short and skinny with huge breasts, and even better, she dressed real slutty. She was perfect. But then she had to go have that dumb ass kid, and now she looks like... this. No wonder she's getting divorced. Her poor husband married a hot... read more

Michael Douglas looks... uh... better?

When we last saw Michael Douglas 9 days ago, he looked like he had just punched his way out of a grave, and there was nothing to say but AAAHHH!! But that was right after his fourth and final chemo treatment, so hopefully that was gonna be him at his worst. He actually... read more

Snooki was on South Park, has "officially made it."

You'll never see 'South Park' win an Emmy for "Best Comedy", because shows like 'Two and a Half Men' can still be edgy and hilarious without resorting to a bunch of potty language, but last nights episode about Snooki and New Jersey is all anyone is talking about today.... read more

Jasmine Waltz had a sexy mugshot

Jasmine Waltz, the girl who started dating David Arquette after he and Courteney Cox quietly separated about a month ago, is on the verge of being arrested for stealing my heart, by the love police, and hopefully her mugshot will be as hot as the one she took in 2000... read more

Miley Cyrus has fairly vague boundaries

Yesterday morning, Miley Cyrus, her mom, and her 10 year old sister, stopped to pose for the paparazzi in the parking lot on the way to breakfast near their home in Toluca Lake. During that breakfast, Miley, who was dressed like some tarted up hussy in a see thru shirt... read more

Ashlee Simpson has short hair now, is a robot

Ashlee Simpson showed off her new super-short haircut today in New York, and also the fact that she's either a wax figure or robot now. Which actually makes her much more useful than the old Ashlee Simpson. As you can see, she can hold up to one hat, and I've been led to... read more

Jasmine Waltz had tons of sex with David Arquette

When David Arquette told Howard Stern yesterday that he was dating 28 year old bartender Megan Fox Jasmine Waltz and that the rumors about his impending divorce from Courteney Cox were true, he also said that he and Jasmine have already had sex. Once. Maybe twice. And... read more

Tom Hardy might be the villian in Batman 3

Fuck. Yes. Back in July, people were saying that Christopher Nolan would take someone he just worked with in 'Inception' and cast them as the villain, probably the Riddler, in the follow up to 'the Dark Knight'. At the time the choice was reportedly Joseph Gordon-Levitt.... read more