Weiner Down

Anthony Weiner will plead guilty to one federal charge of transferring obscene material to a minor. This is the fallout from Weiner's most recent sexting scandal where he once again claimed he got hacked and not to believe anything you read in the Daily Mail. read more

Racist Yale Dean of Anti-Racism Can't Be Fired Due to Racism

The best part about the self-proclaimed virtuous is waiting their inevitable fall from grace. It's that moment when the homophobic redneck from high school announces on Facebook he's managing a granola bar with his male life partner in Portland. read more

Amber Rose Hints at Fucking Jay Z

We've always had stupid people. There was simply never a way to raise a stupid person army until social media arose. You can now wrap yourself in a dummy quilt of daily beefs and perfect comebacks by, for, and between idiots. read more

Tanya Callau Gold Digging

Alan Thicke's two surviving sons Robin and Brennan are lining up against their stepmom who they claim is wrangling for more cash from their dead dad's estate during probate. Probably a little late for the stepmom's a gold-digger charges. read more

Joanna Krupa Can't Quit the Nightclub Men

Everybody has a type. If you came up in the denying you're an escort business, perhaps you cotton to stylish Euro-men who run nightclubs and meet with men with thick necks late night on obstructed view balconies. read more

Chelsea Manning Ready to Bust a 7-Year Nut

Chelsea Manning did what any tranny convicted traitor would do upon early commutation release from prison -- she posted selfies of herself in an low cut top. This Espionage Act convicted former Private First Class Bradley Manning is ready to mingle. read more

Priyanka Chopra Boudoir Hottie and Shit Around the Web

Lea Michelered carpet cleavage (DrunkenStepfather) Tanya Callaudenies she's a gold digger (TMZ) Sarah Goodhartpantie upskirt (TaxiDriverMovie) Tina Delitopless cold cuts (EgotasticAllStars) Priyanka Chopraboudoir hottie (Egotastic) Shay Mitchellboobtastic and bootylicious... read more

Danielle Bregoli Taking Her Act on the Road

Danielle Bregoli continues to insist she's fourteen, though the doctor who did her breast implants won't cop to anything under sixteen. Bulgarian surgery rules. read more

Miley Cyrus Clean and Sober

Miley Cyrus has been off weed for nine weeks. The same for booze and other drugs. In the timeline of her substance intake starting with Hannah Montana, it's relatively short, but in terms of sobriety durations for former child actors, nine weeks is a lifetime. read more

The World Passing By Jimmy Fallon

When the world crumbles Fallon be the clown standing on the fault line playing Lip Sync Battle with Kim Jong-un. read more

Bella Hadid Cannes Wardrobe Malfunction Take Two

The Hadid family is making a move on the Kardashians as the trashiest family to come up in Brentwood. The right side of the tracks producing the wrong kind of people. It's not new, which makes distinction in the category that much grander. read more

LaVar Ball Going for Broke (VIDEO)

Ambitious people strive to be the greatest at something. LaVar Ball is closing in on the worst helicopter sports dad ever. Barring a debilitating aneurism or IRS incarceration, he's taking home that honor. read more