Amy Robach Drops 'Colored People' on Live TV (VIDEO)

Amy Robach is a breast cancer survivor. Her only carte blanche limit is politically incorrect nomenclature missteps. The Good Morning America anchor was discussing with a guest how the role of Mary Jane in the next Spider Man is being cast with black pop singer and former... read more

Irina Shayk Gets Naked In GQ And Shit Around The Web

Irina Shayk loses all her clothes for GQ. To be clearly distinguished from those times she has been naked in thirty nine other magazines. You have to respect a woman who understands her franchise appeal. read more

Lochte Loses Speedo

Speedo pulled out of Lochte. That's a huge blow for a swimmer because you've got Speedo, pool crabs disinfectants and goggles. If your goal is to be a full-time professional swimmer, and why not because real jobs suck and you can't eat eight sit down meals a day, you need... read more

Bella Thorne Is Tit Genius (VIDEO)

There's no particular reason to conduct dance rehearsals with bare tits and a sleeveless tee. That's why you're not triple booked into seven figure gigs through 2019. read more

Justin Bieber's New Kidnapped Girlfriend Has No Bra

Justin Bieber's midget peen is boning a shit ton of young women. He was fucking Lionel Richie's seventeen year old daughter. But Bieber appeared in England over the weekend jetting around in helicopters with this chick with no bra on who's only known as Sofia Richie's... read more

Kim Kardashian Hired Decoy Bikini

Evil dictators have been employing body doubles for centuries now to confuse would be assassins. Kim Kardashian hired a decoy to show off big tits in her bikinis and sunglasses and walk back and forth on her cellphone by the pool in Punta Mita to keep paparazzi and... read more

Naked Mongolians Means the Olympics Are Finally Fucking Over

Usain Bolt set all kinds of epic Olympic records. The sum total of his races was about forty seconds. It's unclear what happened the other two weeks and two days of Olympic sporting events. read more

Soulja Boy Making Threats (VIDEO)

Soulja Boy threatened to kill the guy who is fucking his ex-girlfriend via Instagram video, a sure sign the guy has nothing to worry about. In the video he is brandishing a Glock with an extended magazine, not an especially smart move considering he's on probation for a... read more

Elizabeth Smart Lacks Credibility

Elizabeth Smart gained a lot of perspective from being held captive and raped repeatedly for nine months, namely that pornography is bad. I could think of a few more prescient lessons. read more

Matt Nailed Ryan Lochte, I Nailed Amber Heard in the Last Men on Earth Podcast #57

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast we discuss the aforementioned Lochte and Heard victories and defeats depending on your point of view, the bogus sex story claiming porn is making teen boys dicks soft, Kurt Metzger calling out the rape culture witch hunt, Shaun... read more

Daisy Lowe In Sexy Lingerie And Shit Around The Web

Daisy Lowe in lingerie will make your day. Like that time she found out her real dad was Gavin Rossdale. News best heard in a baby doll. read more

That Chick From The Game of Thrones Also Used to Be Nude (The Mr. Skin Minute Video)

Every 40-something actress who hems and haws about doing topless scenes today never bitched for a second about showing off her knockers to get her foot in the door twenty years earlier. read more