Dennis Rodman Appalled At His Image

Dennis Rodman is suing the maker of a video game called Dear Leader! which allows you to fight against America as Kim Jong un and Dennis Rodman. He is reportedly unhappy with the implication of the game and has demanded his character be removed. This is the same guy who has called Kim a "friend for life" and sucked up North Korea's Propaganda Machine as the Gospel while swilling free bathtub booze poured into more

Drag Queen and Dennis Rodman Freed Prisoners

Miami drag queen Elaine Lancaster is taking credit for teaching Dennis Rodman the nuances of North Korea's domestic policies. Her bragging is once removed from Rodman's claim he freed an American reporter who his gimpy buddy Kim had imprisoned but in actuality just got drunk and exchanged bottles of unfiltered sake for the chance to look at his cock. Lancaster took to Facebook and humbly bragged about being more

Dennis Rodman Is Your Pool Party

You have to wonder how rich the Events department brainstorming session was that selected Dennis Rodman to headline their Vegas pool party. Presumably, that dude who pretended his son was in a runaway hot air balloon and Tara Reid's most recent abortion had scheduling conflicts. Let's see, who do we know who's a traitor to their country, a raging tranny alcoholic, and looks like a magnified version of a gonorrhea bug? more

Dennis Rodman Gives North Korea A Cleveland Steamer

Dennis Rodman went on quite a big bender in North Korea. How big? Shit, piss, and puke all over your hotel kind of big. Rodman was in North Korea putting on an exhibition game and figuring out ways to betray his country through sheer stupidity. After he did an angry U.S. TV interviews that seemed to defend the maniacal practices of Great Leader Jr., Rodman saved face by declaring himself an alcoholic and checked more

Dennis Rodman Slinks Away to Rehab

Traitorous dick and former drag queen Dennis Rodman checked himself into rehab after returning from his latest stay in North Korea. We told you about this dumb fuck's repeated trips to meet with BFF Kim Jong-Un, a brutal dictator who just recently fed his uncle and his circle of friends to a bunch of wild dogs. Apparently, Rodman went on quite the bender while visiting his favorite evil despot. It's no surprise as more

Dennis Rodman Claims He Isn't a Traitor, Just a Drunk Asshole

Who will weep for Dennis Rodman when he's finally fed to the hunting dogs in North Korea? Well, maybe weep for the poor hounds who get his rank meat after a couple weeks of starvation. The lost and wandering soul with the disturbing nose ring made his way to North Korean once more to shill for the latest Great Leader of North Korea. Maybe Kim Jong Un is helping Rodman pay out on his outstanding child support liens more

Dennis Rodman Needs to Be Locked Up

Broke-ass traitorDennis Rodman is back in North Korea today ahead of an exhibition game in January. The former basketball player and least attractive drag queen ever is putting the game together in honor of North Korea's ruthless boy dictator Kim Jong Un. You'll recall that Rodman has visited the brutal police state before and is now BFF's with lil' Kim, (the tyrant not the fat rapper). He tried to explain himself more

Dennis Rodman At A Bikini Runway Show

Dennis Rodman is a real character. He'll visit North Korea to meet with Kim Jong-Il. He gets Dennis Rodman wacky at the Mercedes-Benz fashion show in Miami. He probably holds several Pachinko records at Osaka area arcades. He's a real bon vivant, if that terms means dude who travels around the world skipping out on his debts and court ordered child support. He so crazy. Photo Credit: Gettyread more

Dennis Rodman: International Diplomat

Retired basketball player and all around toolbag Dennis Rodman has decided it's time for him to do what no other American diplomat could do: arrange the release of American Kenneth Bae from North Korea. You'll recall that Rodman visited North Korea recently and became BFFs with its insane leader Kim-Jong Un. Rodman is sure that he can do a better job than the president in freeing Bae. "I'm gonna try and get the more

Finally, It's Dennis Rodman And Kim Jong Un In Video Game Form

With everyone from George Stephanopoulos to David Stern shitting on him, NBA legend Dennis Rodman retreated to his natural element of HPV and Whitesnake songs at a strip club when he returned from North Korea. The Worm has tried to tell people that North Korean dictator and half-man/half-potato Kim Jong Un is a good guy, but that all went to shit this week when Un's lackeys threatened to nuke Washington. "Now that more

Dennis Rodman BFFs With Kim Jong-Un?

Formally famous basketball star Dennis Rodman just got back from North Korea. Yeah, that North Korea. He went on a trip sponsored by Vice magazine, HBO, and, (bizarrely), The Harlem Globetrotters. The cross-dressing, obnoxious, Rodman hung out with ruthless third generation dictator Kim Jong-Un. He said of the boy despot, "You have a friend for life". Fucking really? The horrible thug that keeps his people in more