Jake Gyllenhaal Self-Serving Advice

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal was promoting his newmovie, Demolition, when the topic of being a child star came up. Despite his personal success transitioning from Hollywoodkid to Hollywood adult, Gyllenhaalwarned against the pitfalls of child acting, "I think any professional business for a child where they're not allowed to necessarily be a child is always dangerous. You know? I think kids should be allowed to be kids." ...read more

Jake Gyllenhaal Has So Many Girlfriends

Jake Gyllenhaal is rumored to be dating Ruth Wilsoncoming as a shocking blow to not all his buddies in the not gay bar he never attends thrice a week. The couple were spotted participating in an outdoor exercise program for suburban pussies known as Barry's Boot Camp and then kissing afterwards beforeWilson left with a group of people most likely including her publicist and the male stripper/paparazzi they hired from...read more

Jay Z Blings Off Beyonce's Little Sister

I don't care if you're trying to shut up your 50-year younger Latina hooker so you can keep your NBA franchise or your old lady's feisty little sister tried to kick your ass in an elevator, you can never go wrong with a big-ass blood diamond to squelch that nonsense. After Solange Knowles and her Ninja afro tried to take out Jay-Z in an elevator, it was clear that an expensive rapprochement was in order. Jay-Z must've...read more

Jake Gyllenhaal Might Be Dating Alyssa Miller

Jake Gyllenhaal has quite the understated image when it comes to the ladies that he dates, because he doesn't get nearly enough credit for the quality he pulls. It's even more impressive when you consider that it's only gotten better since he starred in one of the worst movies of all-time, Prince of Persia. Case in point, according to the New York Post, Jake has traded in one Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, ...read more

Taylor Swift is still a vindictive bitch

Taylor Swift gets a lot of credit for writing her own songs, but she shouldn't because all they are is a list reasons why every guy she's ever dated is an asshole. Naturally that means her new record will be filled with coy allusions to Jake Gyllenhaal, even though they only dated for a few months, well over a year ago. Swift (who has penned angry, sad songs about exes Joe Jonas, John Mayer and others) has indeed...read more

Anne Hathaway thinks shes dated gay guys

Anne Hathaway sat down with Chelsea Handler to do an interview for, um, Interview, and it didn't take long before the easily relaxed Hathaway was ratting out her ex boyfriends for being secretly gay. HATHAWAY:"... the other thing I want to say about Jersey is they need to get on the New York bandwagon and legalize gay marriage." HANDLER: "Yeah. That would be a good idea for any state." HATHAWAY: "But I think everybody...read more

morning headlines

MEL GIBSON - is facing up to 4 years in jail for hitting his ex. It's probably a good thing he didn't know that because if he did I bet he would have hit her even harder. (sun) AMERICAN IDOL - is down 13 percent in the ratings from one year ago, which was the lowest rated season in the shows history. And this is crazy because everyone loves Jennifer Lopez so much. How could this have gone wrong? It's a real...read more

Wednesday headlines

JAKE GYLLENHAAL AND TAYLOR SWIFT - broke up, and now that vindictive psychopath will no doubt try to embarrass him in one of her songs. "And people wonder why I'm gay," Jake will no doubt say to himself. (us.com) LINDSAY LOHAN - says she's not stalking her ex Sam Ronson, and it's just a coincidence that she moved across town to a house 30 feet from where Sam lives. And that seems reasonable. In a city of 15 million...read more

Jake Gyllenhall and Taylor Swift are official... ly boring

Jake Gyllenhaal (who turns 30 in 3 weeks) and Taylor Swift (who turns 21 in 2 weeks) are officially dating, according to Us magazine. Oh, the excitement. Us has the first photos of Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal's romantic Thanksgiving Day weekend. Arm in arm, the two looked more smitten than ever as they took an afternoon stroll in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood Dating for just five weeks, the romance is...read more

tuesday afternoon headlines

'PRINCE OF PERSIA' - and 'the Last Airbender' are being accused of racism because their leads are played by white people. "Are these summer blockbusters racist?", the Huff Post asks. "I sure do hope so," I replied before feeling misled. (huff post) MEGAN FOX - is not the first actress to accuse Michael Bay of being a prick. In fact I heard Claire Forlani had to sleep with him to get a role in 'the Rock'. That's just...read more

reese witherspoon is single

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are individually boring, but put them together and they combine like Volton to form a unstoppable 10-story robot of boring. Thankfully, Hollywood is now safe. Marc Malkin of E! online writes... Sources confirm that the two decided to end their relationship about two weeks ago. One source insists it's completely amicable. "There are no other people involved," the source said. "The...read more

tuesday morning headlines

JUDE LAW AND SIENNA MILLER - are back together. Or at least they were on Thanksgiving. "They had no problem flaunting their love right in the middle of the restaurant. They definitely looked like they were head-over-heels for each other." Of course Jude Law would stick his dick in a beehive and go down on his own reflection, so Sienna better cool her jets. (star) RACHEL UCHITEL - says she has only met Tiger Woods...read more

monday afternoon headlines

NICK HOGAN - is mostly famous for driving like an reckless asshole, and Saturday night he "was involved in a minor car accident in Los Angeles." No one was hurt and no police reports were taken, so no specifics are known, but maybe a little torture will loosen his tongue. (the ap) ALEC BALDWIN - is retiring from Hollywood. In about three years. "I don't have any interest in acting anymore. Movies are part of my past....read more

reese is pregnant and/or tubby

Reese Witherspoon was shopping in Santa Monica yesterday and new reports say that “rumors of a baby are starting to swirl.” And here’s all the proof you need, a close-up of her guilt-proving un-six packed stomach. Here’s proof that TRex’s could fly and the Dinosaur King had a sword of flames (a gift from a wizard, perhaps?) and here’s proof that fox’s will sneak up on you and say “Boo!”(image source = flynet) read more

jake and reese are engaged

Star magazine says today that Indiana Gyllenhaal has proposed to Reese Witherspoon twice already, and slow to take the hint, he tried it again. This time his girlfriend for the past two years said “yes”, and even though she didn’t want to marry him before, now she can't do it fast enough. Now the couple is fast-tracking a wedding, and Reese is insisting on an intimate and simple affair.One insider reveals Reese is even...read more