Taylor Swift Became a Man for her New Video

February 27, 2020 | Gossip | WWTDD| 0 Comments

This should be seen as an attack on transgendered people everywhere. I want to see protests of what I would call “Trans-Face”. The “icon” went controversial by basically mocking them to prove some “MOOT” point about how toxic masculinity... READ MORE

Spoiler Alert – Apple Doesn’t Let Villains Use iPhones

February 26, 2020 | Gossip | WWTDD| 0 Comments

According to director Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed Knives Out, reveals to Vanity Fair that Apple doesn’t give the release or rights for the “Bad Guy” to use an iPhone. This makes sense to me, why would you... READ MORE

Pete Davidson Calls Louis CK A piece of Shit

February 25, 2020 | News | Shot Dunyun| 0 Comments

Pete Davidson isn’t that funny, sure he’s on SNL but that show is so bad now it’s not really a big accomplishment. Anyway I guess he thinks he’s hilarious and as his ex fiancé Ariana Grande said, he has... READ MORE

Mission Impossible Shoot Delayed Due to Coronavirus

February 24, 2020 | movies | WWTDD| 0 Comments

Hollywood relies on China to make the numbers they need to justify their big budget action movies. It’s the country that basically prints gold for all the execs, because those big budget super hero movies do really well there.... READ MORE

Constance Wu – Undercover Stripper!

February 19, 2020 | Gossip | WWTDD| 0 Comments

Constance Wu was on the Kelly Clarkson show, which you probably already know because you sit at home watching daytime TV like you were still a teenager on a sick day, but instead of Oprah, Caroline Rhea or Rosie,... READ MORE

Britney Spears is back in the Hospital

February 19, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun| 0 Comments

Apparently Britney Spears broke the metatarsal bone in her foot while dancing and had to be sent to the hospital yesterday. And while that might be a normal thing, it could also be her “handlers” forcing her to go... READ MORE

Billie Eilish Just Killed James Bond

February 14, 2020 | movies | Shot Dunyun| 0 Comments

I assume James Bond kills himself in the latest film because the theme song that they hired Billie Eillish to produce is so depressing. I mean this is great for Billie, she just turned 18 which means she was... READ MORE

Possible Aquaman Pedo Scandal

February 13, 2020 | SCANDAL | WWTDD| 0 Comments

I am not here to point fingers and accuse people of SERIOUS things like being one of the Hollywood Pedo’s Corey Feldman is scared of. I know that Hollywood is filled with creepy assholes who get very rich and... READ MORE

Birds of Prey Bombed!

February 10, 2020 | movies | WWTDD| 0 Comments

I was pretty happy to hear the news because maybe it means Margot Robbie is losing some of her hype. She’s really not that interesting of an actor, and she’s definitely overrated. I get it, she looks good, despite... READ MORE

Cancel Amber Heard Already

February 7, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun| 0 Comments

Amber Heard has been on a tirade of trying to destroy her actor ex-husband Johnny Depp by accusing him of physical and mental abuse. Everyone basically sided with her because she’s a girl and #BelieveAllWomen right? The pair got... READ MORE


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